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Recently I have been to Tarte Tatin Cafe & Bakery to have a nice breakfast and trust me a Breakfast has never been so special to me, so I couldn’t stop sharing this with my viewers.

Structure :

It’s a Cozy little patisserie in South Beverly Hills with plenty of Indoor and Outdoor seating giving it a French touch.

Services :


I am a Sucker for Mediterranean food and The Food served here is a fusion of Mediterranean, Israeli, French, Algerian,Tunisian and a few other countries but mostly Mediterranean. What I actually loved about this place is , they serve FRESH food without using any preservatives . which is really AMAZING !


There were mouth watering pastries,Baked goods everywhere near the counter which looked so fresh. Their menu is huge and the food which grabbed my attention was the Israeli Breakfast and the Moroccan Tea. So we ordered one Israeli Breakfast, Egg Croissant and a Moroccan Tea.


The service was super fast, The food arrived in less than 10 minutes despite of long waiting lines . As soon as we grabbed a table, the waiter served us a chilled water which had some mint leaves and lemon dipped inside (perfect for a hot sunny day), with in a couple of minutes everything was on our table.


Moraccan Tea – I never had a Moroccan tea before and so was really looking forward to taste it. The presentation itself was very appealing, they served it in a traditional Moroccan tea pot and glasses. There were some Mint leaves brewed inside the hot water in the tea pot which is served with a tea bag. The tea had a mild aroma with a touch of sweetness and was definitely refreshing.

Egg Croissant – It had Mozzarella Cheese, Tomatoes , basil and omelette . I love cheese and egg combination and as soon as i took a bite , it just melted in my mouth. I couldn’t realize what made it melt so easily in my mouth. It was so flavorful that I din’t had a need of ketchup or a tomato sauce.

Croissant – The plane croissant itself was so delicious. I never had a croissant which is so fresh and airy , It was perfectly baked with a crispy crust and  airy crumb with visible layers which makes it melt when you take your bite.

Israeli Breakfast – It is a platter of two eggs of any style (I choose omelette) with Chopped Israeli Salad, Olives, Feta Cheese, Tahini, Labne, Jam, served with Baguette/Whole Wheat Bread, House Lemonade, & Organic Coffee

Again the platter itself looked appealing when arranged on my table . Starting with the omelette, it was perfectly cooked with some herbs and flavors in it. I had a Baguette before and a good Baguette should be almost all crust and if the crust isn’t good, the baguette isn’t worth your time, and this had a perfect Crust that I can actually hear the crunchy sound in my every bite. There isn’t a single thing which I din’t liked about this Israeli breakfast . The salad, Tahini, Labne, Feta Cheese everything tasted Fresh and Good.

Jerusalem Toast – After having a good breakfast, I went to the counter and saw the Jerusalem Toast displayed on the counter which Looked Mouth watering . I wish I had it, but I will definitely update my review when I have it on my next visit 🙂

The Staff :

The Baristas here are from different countries who can speak more than 10 different languages, which is really helpful for the people who couldn’t speak English. They were really welcoming and friendly with a smile on their face.

Location :

  • 200 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
  • There’s also another Franchise at ” 9123 W Olympic Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 “

Parking : 

There’s a lot of street parking available if not , there’s also a 2 hour free parking available at “216 S Beverly Blvd” .

Links :

Website :

Facebook : @tartetatinbakeryandcafe

Instagram : @tartetatinbeverly

Summary :

Rodeo Drive is the most expensive street in the world and also a must visit spot when you are in Los Angeles . Tarte Tatin Cafe & Bakery is lessthan 10 minutes walk from the Rodeo Drive. So whenever you at the Rodeo Drive , you know where to have a Good Breakfast 😉 They also have Vegan options available , Check their Menu or Just ask for it when you are there.

33 thoughts on “Tarte Tatin Cafe & Bakery

  1. Tarte Tatin Cafe & Bakery looks amazing! I love the outdoor seating and the pretty tea set. I am a huge fan of breakfast, so I am adding this to my list of places to eat next time I am in southern California!

  2. What a varied menu! I love the look of everything you ordered and I bet it tasted amazing. I’m long overdue a visit to southern California, so I’ve made a note of where to take breakfast!

  3. Tarte Tatin looks like my kind of place! I was in Jerusalem this year, and the eggs did not look as pretty and perfect as that! Moroccan tea is gorgeous, especially with lots of fresh mint. It’s good to know that Rodeo Drive is around the corner, but I prefer to spend my money here.

  4. We were in Beverly Hills last year but didn’t make it to the Tarte Tatin Cafe & Bakery. From your pictures, it looks like we really missed out. We love outdoor seating and the food looks amazing! We will be sure to stop by next time we’re in town.

  5. I love Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food! It was one of the things I enjoyed when I traveled through Egypt and Jordan. I have never had Moroccan tea but it sounds very similar to tea I had in both countries and in India. It’s the most refreshing thing you can drink in the heat!

  6. I live in SoCal and have been to Beverly Hills countless times but never heard of this place! This is my kind of breakfast, I’m not into the American breakfast dishes. I will have to check it out next time we are in the area!

  7. Moroccan mint tea is my absolute FAVORITE! After you visit Morocco it seems to seep into your bones so you always crave it. Based on the photos, I feel like I would be able to stay here all day and just eat all the delectable treats they possess.

  8. The Israeli Breakfast and Moroccan mint tea look divine. My mouth is seriously watering looking at your photos! I’m definitely putting Tarte Tatin Cafe & Bakery on my list of restaurants for the next time I’m in LA (which is probably soon!).

  9. Wow! I am salivating at the idea and just looking at these pictures! The photography is really beautiful. The contrast, scale and lighting is great and now to the food!
    I really want to try Moroccan tea as well! You seem to have enjoyed it and I’m jealous!
    I’ve never had an egg crossiant either, so I’d be interested in what the taste is like!

  10. Mint tea is my favourite! I am from Croatia and I love those little platters. There is nothing more exciting than a small selection of different foods. What can I say, I love my antipasti and this place looks like heaven.

  11. Looks so delish and Instagram perfect. I love the way they serve the food. I wish I would be able to go there, A bit too far though…..

  12. I love such cute little patisseries, especially the al fresco dining areas. If I were to order from the menu, I would choose Jerusalem toast and a cuppa. Cheers!!

  13. This place looks so good! Everything looked delicious, especially the egg croissant sandwich! I love that it has outdoor seating as well! Thanks for sharing!

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