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Rodeo drive  is an iconic and one of the most well known streets in the world in one of the US fanciest zip codes, Beverly hills 90210. You can find the world’s best retailers here, from clothing to jewelry to fine dining, not to be missed and the perfect place for a stroll even if just to window shop and dream.


Giorgio Beverly Hills

In 1967 Fred Hayman, “the father of Rodeo Drive,” opened Giorgio Beverly Hills, the street’s first high-end boutique. In 1968 Aldo Gucci opened a store on Rodeo, which catalyzed the process by which the street took on its present form.


Located in the heart of  Beverly hills, rodeo drive is the single most famous and expensive boulevard in the whole world.Think of the finest high end fashion pieces, shoes, jewelry, clothes, handbags, luxury cars- Rodeo drive has everything a fashion lover ever dreamed of.You can also bump into a celebrity if you are lucky enough.

I have been to Rodeo drive infinite times and I still love that place. I never get bored of watching those High end brands and luxury cars parked across the street.


When i visited this place for the first time, i took a guided tour where i got to know many more interesting things about the brands.


There are few brands which takes a deposit $$$$ if you want to shop in their store and most of them need a reservation.So i never got a chance to peep in those stores lol. Can you imagine paying a deposit just to shop in a store???  that sounds crazy!!! isn’t it?? Now you know how Expensive it is .

Bvlgari , Guess


Tiffany & Co.
Louis Vuitton
Jimmy Choo

Dress nicely and come experience the lifestyle of rich & famous,even its for a day.




33 thoughts on “Rodeo Drive-The Most Expensive street in the world

  1. Not only there are fab shops, but the street is cute in itself too! The buildings are nice & the palm trees! 🙂

  2. That street looks dope. I would pull up in my toyota prius and park it. It would definitely be the only unique car and also the cheapest. I am not going to make a wish but a confession that I will be shopping there in the next 5 years.

  3. Very nice! Great photography as well. I’ve been to some expensive streets before, but this one is so charming. Probably not the best place you want to be in if you’re a shopaholic like me lol

  4. I think I’d love just strolling along the sidewalk and peeking in. I cannot imagine paying a deposit or making a reservation to “shop” in a store! lol I’ll always connect Rodeo Drive with the movie Pretty Woman! lol

  5. Paying a deposit to shop in a store??? That’s insane! I had no idea it was “the most expensive street in the world”. It’s crazy what money can buy. I haven’t been out to L.A. yet but would love to go just to see all this stuff for myself. I wouldn’t mind having a Bugatti to drive around in though.

  6. I’ve only been by once, but need to make an effort to visit again! I didn’t know that little fact of a deposit needed for some shops – too funny! Great pix!

  7. Wow.. that brings back some funny memories. When I was in the Army in the late 80’s I went to LA with some friends for a weekend visit. Somehow we ended up on Rodeo Dr. and we walked into a botique there looking at Bill Cosby style sweaters that cost nearly $1000 each. I picked one up and the shop employee came running over and kicked us out stating that shopping there was by appointment only.

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