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I love Visiting Museums as they are the Places where Past and Present Collide to form an art and LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Arts) has been by far the best Museums I have ever visited and it is the most loved museums in LA. It is also the largest art Museum in western hemisphere with all different types of arts.

LACMA is so large that you will definitely need multiple visits.Even if you are not an art lover,you will fall in love with the arts in the museum.


So many buildings with different exhibitions in each which specialize in various time periods and parts of the world,and in-between you can relax at a sunny terrace with some coffee or other beverages .

They always have new temporary exhibits and interesting things on display, so don’t forget to grab a paper(map) with the info at admission. Most of the temporary exhibits are included in general admission.


It has such a massive collection of art that it was pretty hard for me to decide where to start from.

My Most favorite is The Rain Room, I have never seen something like this in my life ever. This art is a large-scale installation recycled 528 gallons of water to create an indoor rainstorm where visitors can walk through it without ever getting wet.The piece used a system of motion sensors and 3D tracking cameras to explore the relationship between technology and art.



I totally loved all the arts by Chris Burden and the art Metropolis II was one of it. The art piece is basically an entire miniature city with freeways, skyscrapers and tons of hot wheel cars. It was so huge that it took up a whole room. All the cars moved around the whole display and the funny part was there was even a traffic jam at one point.How Amazing is that !!

There was also a huge Yellow Spaghetti Installation, where you can actually go inside and feel the art.



Even if your not buying the tickets, you can still go and check out few arts which includes , The Urban lights . The Urban lights is an Iconic tourist attraction in Los Angeles which is a delight to watch both day and night. I can visit this place infinite number of times and never get bored of watching these beautiful lights and posing for a picture.

There’s a Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer, which  consists of a 340-ton boulder affixed above a concrete trench through which visitors may walk.It is open to public during museum hours and does not require museum admission.

If you are not into arts, There’s also Live Jazz on every Friday , which I found totally Romantic with the Music, Food and Urban lights behind and the best part is it’s FREE .

Location :

5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Tickets :

15$ , Free for SoCal Residents, Free for kids under 18 and 1 adult so that a Family can enjoy these treasures on a Budget.

Click here to check the Hours and Additional Information

Parking :

Parking  is little bit expensive (14$/day) ,but if you are visiting after 7pm then it’s free, and there is also a lot of street parking for free which is usually full on weekends(you should be lucky enough to find one).

Summary : 

LACMA is a must visit place if you are in Los Angeles , I believe a whole day is not enough to visit all the exhibits. No matter how many times you visit, there’s always something new to discover and is definitely not a place to rush through.

If you want to see only the Iconic ‘Urban Lights’,then it’s better to visit after 7pm as the parking is free.

35 thoughts on “LACMA – A Must Visit Place in Los Angeles

  1. I have wanted to take my daughter to LACMA for quite some time. I have been trying to get out there, but I have always had other things on my plate that have come up. Very cool though. We will have to be making a visit there very soon.

  2. I’ve never been to Los Angeles before but if I ever do, LACMA is definitely on my list to must visit places. Free live jazz on Fridays that’s such a nice thing too! Very cool pictures:)

  3. I’ve never been to Los Angeles before but if I ever do, LACMA is definitely on my list to must visit places. Free live jazz on Fridays that’s such a nice thing too! Very cool pictures

  4. I love museums too and I’m trying to get my little one interested in them early! I’ve never been to LA, but would give this place a look if I’m ever there.

  5. the hardest thing will be including it in the daily itinerary especially if someone has never been to LA before :p

  6. not sure if my post came out but i mentioned it would be difficult to fit the museum if you have never been to la before

  7. My husband and I are huge suckers for museums, although we haven’t been to many featuring art. Your post makes me wanSuch incredible talent on display!

  8. I would love to go to LACMA one day! I love the look of that rainstorm art installation. It’s great that you can go in for free if you’re under 18, nothing like that in Vancouver for sure!

  9. Ok, that rain room is something I have never seen anywhere and I have spent my fair share going to different museums. I would really really love to see that.

  10. I wish I lived close! The LACMA is awesome! Definitely a must-see when in California. Sometime this year, we might go there to visit my aunt and uncle. If plans push through, we have to make sure we get a day to spend in LACMA.

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