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This weekend we went to have a dinner at Ribs N Kabobs which is pretty new in the City and  totally loved the Food they served, So I thought of sharing this amazing place with you all.

Ribs N Kabobs is a Multicultural Halal restaurant where you can get fusion of Indian, American, & Mediterranean cuisines at one place. It’s a cute place with plenty of Indoor seating .

As soon as we garbbed our table they served Fried pita chips with Hummus which was deliciously creamy.

Hummus with Pita Chips

Their Menu was so huge that we actually got confused on what to eat but thankfully the Restaurant Owner was so kind & patient that he actually explained us about the flavors. So Here’s everything we ate

Korean BBQ Chicken Wings : 

I Love Spicy Food and so have always loved Chicken wings dipped in hot Buffalo sauce and those are my Favorite. But now these Korean BBQ Chicken Wings have become my current favorite. These are sticky sweet crispy wings and are a class all by themselves.

Tacos :

And then came a platter of  Tacos, Chicken Taco, Beef Taco and Tandoori Taco. All three tasted different but my favorite was Tandoori Taco, IT was smokin’ Hot , Spicy & Full of Flavors. The other too were also good with Minimal Mild Flavors.

In order, Chicken Taco, Beef Taco & Tandoori Taco

Kabobs : 

The Next platter was a combination of Joojeh Kabob, Turkish Kabob , Malai Kabob and Tandoori Kabob with some salad.

Malai Kabob, Tandoori kabob, Turkish Kabob and Joojeh Kabob

Joojeh Kabob :

Joojeh Kabob is one of the most common and popular dishes of Iran which is a chicken cooked with bone or without bone. I have heard about it before but never tried it, So when it was on my table I had to try it first. It was Juicy and tenderized with a very pleasant lemon flavor. It was so tender that I din’t had to use a knife.

Turkish Kabob:

As the name  itself says it’s Turkish dish which is a chicken thigh meat cooked in spices . It tasted like a Doner (traditional Turkish beef kebob) in chicken style. It was perfectly salted, juicy and slightly dry at the same time. My favorite part was that crispy bit on the edges which tasted like a caramelized chicken. SO YUMMMMM !!!

Turkish kabob with your choice of sides

Malai Kabob :

I have been eating Malai Kabobs since my childhood and what i learnt is, it’s the Kabob which is so creamy that it literally melts in your mouth and what I ate at Ribs N Kabobs was exactly the same. I can say it’s ‘Authentic’. It was very creamy just the way it should be with all the Indian Flavors and every bite I took just melted in my mouth.

Tandoori Kabob :

I guess there is no one who doesn’t know about Tandoori Kabobs . The moment you talk about Indian Food, the first thing that pops up is Tandoori Chicken . It’s a traditional Indian dish with lots of Indian spices. And Just like the Malai kabobs , Ribs N Kabobs kept it Authentic. Being an Indian, I love Spicy Food and it was perfect for my taste buds.

Tandoori Platter

Next platter was a Combination of 4 different Short ribs , Korean BBQ, Hickory BBQ, Spicy, and Hawaiian .  Short Ribs are beefy, rich, and packed with flavors. They’re cut lengthwise across the ribs instead of horizontally and are super thin, like 1/4 in thick.

Hickory Smoked BBQ Short Ribs :

These were so tender and Moist with the rich flavors of the hickory and were spicy with a pinch of sweetness. It was the natural flavor of the beef and smoke against the tender meat that made these so irresistible.

Korean BBQ Style Short Ribs :

Am in love with this Korean BBQ Sauce and these short ribs tasted just like the Korean BBQ Chicken Wings ‘spicy and tangy’

PC : Ribs n Kabobs

Hawaiian Short Ribs :

These are  cooked in a blend of Pineapple . This sweet and spicy dish is like an instant tropical vacation.

PC : Ribs N Kabobs

Spicy Shot Ribs :

The Spicy Short Ribs were totally my type with lots of traditional Flavors . they were Spicy, Juicy and very tender. So Spicy Food Lovers, This will definitely become your favorite.

Location : 

18925 Norwalk Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701

Parking :

There’s lot of parking available right infront of the Restaurant for free.

Links :

Website :

Facebook : @ribankabobs

Instagram : @Ribsnkabobs


Summary :

Ribs N Kabobs is a family friendly restaurant and so I will highly recommend this place to everyone as you can get to eat a fusion of different traditional cuisines at one place. Specially If you’ve never had short ribs I suggest you run to the Ribs N Kabobs and pick up a few because you’re in for a decadent treat.

There menu is already huge but they are going to add more items to their Menu in few days so keep yourself updated by following them on their Instagram and Facebook .




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  1. wrong time to check this one out. 5:30 in the morning with an empty fridge and nothing open. Everything looks delicious.

  2. Wow, thats a lot of kebabs amd ribs on a menu and I can say you definitely enjoyed every single dish. I love kebabs but since I’m a vegetarian it is sometimes difficult to find places where they have veg options. The restaurant seems like a great dining place, I wonder if they serve vegetarian food.

  3. You really ate a lot of food here, very impressive! I love short style ribs, so I’d try all of these, but those Korean sticky ribs look divine. The chicken kebabs seem very tasty too.

  4. I love places where they have different nationalities of food to choose from; I’d usually for the Asian but they all love delicious. The hummus and veg and rice look dreamy, and pitta chips are something I’ve gotta try!

  5. First off, these food shots is making me so hungry. I would love to try this out. I always love exploring exotic flavors when I travel. That hummus looks amazing!

  6. You certainly weren’t wrong when you called it a fusion restaurant. It serves almost all the food I love: Korean BBQ wings, tacos, ribs, and kabobs! It’s also great that everything is Halal for Muslims.

  7. All that food looks so yummy and tempting ! Am having a beer now, and most probably will be ordering a Pizza now, but all these pictures of the yummy kababs are going to haunt me for some time. Am sure these must have tasted even better, than what appears from the pictures .

  8. Ribs N Kabobs sounds like the perfect restaurant for my family. I will have to see if there is a location near me to try.

  9. Ribs n kabobs sounds like a great place to dine indeed. The Hawaiian short ribs is something I would love to try along with the creamy chicken Kabob. Yummy!! Thanks for sharing this awesome place and the delicious foods.

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