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Ever dreamed of Visiting Paris ?? Imagined yourself  on top of the Eiffel tower??If Yes, then take a look at this mini version. This is a French-themed casino hotel with a half sized Eiffel tower in it.


Without stepping foot inside the hotel, I felt like I am in the shadow of Paris.

Every inch of the property from the chandeliers above hotel registration to the casino walkways pays tribute to Paris creating an environment unlike any other.




This hotel contains a Roof top Pool under the Eiffel tower surrounded with Parisian garden which is super cool .It also has nice views of the strip.


I personally don’t like the atmosphere of the casinos but, i pretty much liked this one.Unlike the typical smoky casino, there was a painted sky above the floor which makes this an eye catcher.



Amongst all the toursity things in Las Vegas , this is the must visit attraction.The general admission ticket was 17$ during day time and 22$ after sunset.But I used a Groupon to get in and saved a few bucks.

What I loved about this was the employees who work in the elevator and up at top shared so much information with us and they made the experience really cool.

The View from the top was spectacular!!! You can literally see the entire strip from there.You also get to see the view of Bellagio fountains which is right infront of the Eiffel Tower.They also take pictures of you which you can purchase on your way out.



If you want to experience the classic french dinning, look no further and head over to Eiffel Tower Restaurant.This place is grand and classy in terms of venue, ambiance and food with a touch of romance.It also offers you the breath taking view of bellagio fountains which is super cool.



If you are in Vegas , you can never miss this place.I would highly recommend visiting this place even if you are not staying at this hotel.Hopefully i would get to stay in this hotel in my Next trip and get back with an updated blog.

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  1. Great post! This is a great tour of the place. It’s amazing how they paint the sky and clouds inside the buildings.. it makes for such a cool effect!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. It’s funny I should see this, because I have literally never had any desire to see Vegas other than the occasional, “Meh. Sure, that would be cool,” when imagining seeing Britney or Celine (or others) in concert. But this? It’s must-see for me. Vegas just hit the bucket list.

  3. I’m staying here! I mean, not now, but someday with my daughter. She loves Paris and I doubt we can afford to fly there, so this will have to do. It looks amazing.

  4. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Vegas, and boy has it changed!! I love the way the bistro area looks. I could hang out there with a cup of coffee and feel like I was in Paris! I also love the view from the observatory deck – wow!! Thanks for sharing these – I may have to go back now 🙂

  5. Your pictures make me want to take a look at this when I finally get to Vegas. The Eiffel Tower is beautiful but a pale comparison to the one in Paris that I’ve seen more than a dozen times.

  6. Another reason to visit Vegas! Amazing how they were able to make it look like Eiffle tower. What an incredible sight you had there. You must have enjoyed your trip!

  7. Great pictures!
    I met one France guy in my country and would like to travel to Pris, to meet him and see this beautiful city!

  8. I don’t like casino’s too. But this looks like a good idea for a destination hotel because just staying inside is already an adventure. The half size Eiffel tower is also a nice touch.

  9. I am not a fan of casino’s too but this looks like a great destination hotel because just being inside is an adventure itself. I love the half size Eiffel tower. it looks pretty

  10. I remember being there. I went there when I was 15 years old, I didn’t gamble, of course but the experience was amazing. It was like actually being in Paris! Lovely! I still have two plush toys that I bought there! Your pictures are gorgeous by the way, they capture the hotel’s beauty!

  11. You’ve got some stunning photographs of a really vibrant city! Some day I would love to experience the charm and history that Paris exudes! It’s a classic destination that is at the top of my bucket list!

  12. These photos are so pretty! We were just in Vegas over Christmas and visited a lot of the places mentioned. I would love to go to the Eiffel Tower restaurant next time.

  13. This post is very timely. A friend of mine just got to Vegas today. Not sure where she’s staying, but I’ll be sure to send her this.

  14. I have been to vegas once and stayed at the mirage. I never knew that Paris was so nice of a resort. I would definitely put this resort In my to visit list the next time I am there.

  15. I’ll be visiting USA in June, I’ll make sure I’ll check this Casino although I’m not a huge fan of Casinos either. But this one looks absolutely amazing!

  16. I’ve been to Vegas once, but for some reason the group I was with never visited the Paris Hotel. We walked by it, but we never did go in. I didn’t even realize that you could go up to the top of the tower! Now that I know that, I really wish we would have gone in and gone up to the top! It would have been wonderful to have seen the view from the top.

  17. Oh my! My hubby and I have been planning to visit Las Vegas…and this Paris Hotel looks classy. I love all the photos you have. Makes me really wanna go there with him.:D

  18. I stayed in Paris Hotel, Las Vegas a couple of years ago and I think they had the comfiest bed I have ever slept in! I regret not going up the Eiffel Tower, not for going up the Eiffel Tower but for watching the Bellagio fountains from an aerial viewpoint, that is super cool! I didn’t visit the rooftop pool in the Parisian Garden either, I spent too much time enjoying the comfortable bed!

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