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Biking around is an excellent way to  explore the city and when I was planning my trip to SFO, it was number one on my bucket list. While I was there in SFO I found so many Bike rentals on the streets  but I wanted to choose one, which is affordable and can also offer me a child seat for my little one. After googling few and reading so many reviews I Choose Bay City Bike . It was not only affordable but was also just 1 mile away from my  Hotel.

Bay City Bike


They have Guided tours, Bike rentals and other Activities (including Alcatraz Island).

Activities :

Alcatraz Island is one of the Must visit places in San Francisco. You can’t leave the City without visiting Alcatraz, They also have packages including Alcatraz Island to National Parks to wine tastings to GPS-guided tours!

Alcatraz Island

Guided Tours :

In guided tours they have , Golden gate bridge tour, Streets of SFO tour , Golden gate park tour and sunset tour . Their professional guides can take you to explore San Francisco up close and personal. If you are in SFO for a short period of time and want to see and learn about the popular attractions, then I would recommend this guided tour.

Self-Guided Tours :

Here you can rent the bikes, they offer the largest selection of adult bikes, kids bike’s, and specialty equipment which can satisfy anyone’s biking needs.

Electric Bikes

I would recommend this self-guided tour if you have perfectly planned your trip and want to take your own time at each and every attraction. I had my trip perfectly planned and I din’t want to make any changes to it and so I took 2 bikes with Child seat.

First of all I must say the bikes were very comfortable for us and for our lil one as well (he had lots of fun while biking around) which come with a rear rack, front camera bags, locks, water holder, helmets, and maps.They will also explain you the routes on a map before you start your adventure.

Explaining the routes

If you want to rent the bikes for morethan 1 day, you can either drop the bikes back at their place and collect it the other day or park the bikes at the hotel you stay. Usually most of the hotels do have a special indoor parking area for bikes.Check with your Hotel if they have one.

We rented these bikes for 2 days for 2 different locations and thankfully my hotel had an indoor parking place only for bikes.

Bike with a Child Seat

Location :

They have Five locations which are convenient to the public

  1. 501 bay st
  2. 2661 taylor street
  3. 2830 jones street
  4. 2800 Leavenworth Street
  5. 1669 Haight St.


Links :

website : BayCityBike.com

Facebook : @BayCityBike

Instagram : @baycitybike

Tip :

San Francisco is a Hilly city and for a non-biker It might sometimes make riding rather difficult. If you have plans to roam around only in the bikes then I would suggest you to take Electronic bikes so that you can climb the hills with ease.

Summary :

San Francisco is totally a Bike Friendly City with Bike lanes everywhere which makes you feel safe everytime you are on the road so I would highly recommend Bay City Bike Rentals.

My Next Blog will be the places I visited on my Bike in San Francisco



40 thoughts on “Renting a Bike in San Francisco

  1. I do love a good bike ride, and Bay City Bike sounds like a good option when in San Francisco. How long did you hire the bikes for? I never knew about the electronic bikes, but they would be far better for the hilly roads!

  2. I always find that biking is the best way to get around a city and see the sights – it makes it so easy to stop and hop off whenever you spot something that you want a closer look at. I’d probably do the same as you and take a self guided tour so that I can go at my own pace!

  3. Glad to see such a huge city has such easy bike renting facilities. Only if people all over the world adopt bicycles, the world will be a much better place to live. I still hope that people in my country realize this and start living a less polluting and healthier life.

  4. I would love to bike around San Francisco but I would have to definitely get myself in shape first before I can do it. Or maybe I could get one of those electric bicycles you mentioned.

  5. I’ve never been to San Fran but would love to! Renting a bike to sight see sounds like so much fun!

  6. I would love to visit San Francisco! Going around of the bikes and enjoying the moment would really be something! In London we have something called Boris Bikes and it’s quite enjoyable and relatively cheap!

  7. I love the idea of renting a bike but you read my mind when it came to the hill factor. The electronic option is surely appreciated. I haven’t gotten to San Francisco yet but I’m supposed to be going in December so I will take any tips I can get.

  8. I went to San Francisco and it was not long enough, I wanted to stay longer. I would of loved to be able to have hired a bike and gone exploring especially crossing over the bridge. In regards to Electric bikes I have rode them a few times now in the alps and I love it especially on using them on the hills.

  9. Good comfortable biking seats is my priority..It sounds of great adventure and a new way to explore the city.

  10. Unrelated to this post but I adore your logo!! What a great way to get out and really explore a place. We would have to really start training to ride bikes in that hilly terrain – which is a great idea! That would be the perfect incentive to really exercise.

  11. That sounds like an awesome way to be a tourist! I have never been to California before, but it looks beautiful. I love that they have the option to rent the bikes, so helpful! And I would most definitely do the self-guided tour.

  12. I think its really nice that you can leave the bike at the hotel if you have it for more then one day. Guided tours are fun, but if you have the chance to rent a bike and see it on your own I think thats a great idea.

  13. I think if you have the chance to explore the city on your own with your bike that is an opportunity to take. San Francisco is such beautiful city, I also love that the hotels will let you leave the bike there.

  14. San Francisco is a place we have wanted to visit for a while but have not had the chance. It would be awesome to rent a bike and tour these sights. Thanks for sharing the information.

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