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Tory Burch- Rodeo Drive

As I said in my Previous Blog that Rodeo Drive is the most Expensive Street in the World.Think of the finest high end fashion pieces, shoes, jewelry, clothes, handbags, luxury cars- Rodeo drive has everything a fashion lover ever dreamed of.

Rodeo Drive is so Expensive that,There are few brands which takes a deposit $$$$ if you want to shop in their store and most of them need an Appointment . So i never got a chance to peep in those stores.But, Thanks to Tory Burch that I got a chance to Visit their store and take some beautiful pictures and Videos for my Viewers.


Tory Burch is an American fashion designer, businesswoman, and philanthropist, who has won several fashion awards for her designs. She is the Chairman, CEO, and Designer of Tory Burch. In 2015, she was listed as the 73rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.Her Collection includes Ready-to-wear, Shoes,Handbags, Accessories, Watches, Home & Beauty.


The Structure :

Situated on 366 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.This Tri-Level store is designed by interior designer Daniel Romualdez , has Polished surfaces and glittering Golden details combined with vibrant colors and luxurious materials. The store’s design includes velvet sofas, Moroccan-inspired tables and abaca rugs which ads Glamour .However, the must see spot is the second floor VIP room with Fireplace and Outdoor Terrace.

The Staff :

They were already informed that I was visiting their store on Blogging Purpose and not to Buy their Products.So I expected them to be Ignorant , But they proved me wrong. The staff was really very informative and Friendly . I also got to know that they can speak in 13 languages which was really very impressive. I was very Satisfied with the service I received when i stopped by.

The finds :

The Entire store has all New collection for every season. On the ground floor, Shoppers get to encounter with the Luxury Handbags in one room,Fragrances and Cosmetics in other and the Highlight was the Mirrored Golden Shoe Room.

The 1st Floor was designed specially for the clothing But they also added a little section for  Jewelry,  Printed Handbags and Shoes . Again on the first floor, the Highlight was the Mirrored Golden Clothing Room.And The second Floor was a VIP section with Luxury Velvet Sofas, Fireplace and Outdoor Terrace.



Cosmetics(body lotion) – 45$ and up

Fragrances – 70$ and up

Jewelry(Stud earrings) – 75$ and up

Handbags(Mini Totes ) – 180$ and up

Clothing(Jeans) – 185$ and up

Shoe(Flats) – 195$ and up

Check out the Video tour of Tory Burch – Rodeo Drive



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23 replies

  1. Technically Rodeo Drive isn’t a city, but a street in Beverly Hills. It is super-fancy – been there once and couldn’t afford a thing!

  2. I love Tory Burch!! The store dรฉcor & VM look so amazing!!

  3. Green and navy together has always been a favorite color combo of mine. Love the purses!

  4. An appointment and deposit to visit the store??! That’s absolute craziness. Your photographs tells me how expensive the things might be. I never knew of such a place. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, what a fancy store! Whenever I hear about Rodeo Drive, I think about Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts!

  6. Oh this store looks so luxurious! And the prices aren’t too bad as well!

  7. I love Tory Burch so much. I have been eying a bag that is made by them. I would love to go to Rodeo Drive one day, but that won’t be for a good long while.

  8. This store is gorgeous. I have Rodeo Drive on my places to visit ( just for the experience ๐Ÿ™‚). Thanks for this small tour

  9. oh i would love to shop there and not have the charge overdraft me. everything looks amazing and the store, just wow.

  10. Oh my! that’s real Luxury! I have never been to Rodeo Drive, or to Beverly Hills, or to the United States really. Your post shows me a reality completely new to me!

  11. Okay I’m obsessed with that gold stairway!! Truly goals!!


  12. The decor is this store is fab, it certainly suits the area. The prices aren’t too bad either. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow! See why it is most expensive. All are beautiful

  14. I love her collection, but it’s beyond my budget.

  15. Wow. What a beautiful store. Thanks for the tour.

  16. I have been to LA a few times, but never Rodeo Drive. I look forward to strolling it one day.

  17. I didn’t know much about Rodeo Drive so I really enjoyed reading this! Would love to come for a browse one day.

  18. I Love her stuff. I could easily buy one of everything in there.

  19. It definitely looks luxurious. Way, way out of my price range. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Cool. I love that they have a couch so you can sit and rest in the nice atmosphere while you shop.

  21. Though I am from the other side of the World I have heard of the Rodeo Drive, however, I wasn’t entirely sure of what it actually is. Thanks to your post now I know! The decor and products look beautiful.

  22. I love the shopping there. I used to live a couple of blocks away. It was so great to pass by every night for a walk.

  23. What a lovely store. I doubt I’ll ever go in it. I’m cheap. I’m glad everyone was kind to you!

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