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I received these products for free , but the opinions expressed are my own personal viewpoints

24 pieces Makeup Brush Set:

So, I actually received this 24 pieces women professional Makeup Brush  to try and give my honest Review on it .

So starting with the packaging , Each brush is individually wrapped and set in a black leather case.The case is awesome for storing the brushes, there is a slot for each brush and it rolls up nice and compact so it can be stored in a drawer or even thrown in your purse.


I have used brushes for makeup that actually hurt ,but these were soft and glides on easily and evenly. All the brushes were in full size , made with wooden handles and nylon hair

List of Brushes in the set :
1. Large fan brush (used for cleaning extra powder on face, make it natural)
2. Small fan brush
3. Powder brush (used for face powder)
4. Blusher brush
5. Shadow brush
6. Foundation brush
7. High light / nasal shadow brush
8. Large eye shadow brush
9. Middle eye shadow brush
10. Large paste brush (helper for paste&liquid using)
11. Middle paste brush
12. Small paste brush
13. Smoke brush (necessary tool for smoky makeup)
14. Blending brush (used for eyes)
15. Bevel eye shadow brush
16. Eyeliner brush
17. Lip brush
18. Bevel eyebrow brush
19. Concealer brush
20. Line brush (suitable for lip liner eye liner lines)
21. Eye shadow stick
22. Eyelash curler
23. Eye shadow blending stick
24. Eyelash comb

If you are a learner then these are perfect for you to learn how to use brushes rather than spending on high end brushes and end up without knowing how to use them.

I am still a learner and i found most of them similar lol. I have used and washed some of the brushes and they are still in a good condition.

Overall, I am very pleased with the variety included in this set as well as the quality of the brushes. This is an excellent makeup brush set for all makeup lover.

You can Buy this amazing 24 Pieces Women Professional Makeup Brush Set on  Amazon .

Not satisfied with the product??You can return it and they will give 100% cash back guarantee. 

26 Hole Makeup Brush Holder /Dryer :


A makeup brush set is incomplete without a Makeup brush Holder.So they also sent me this beautiful 26 Hole Makeup Brush Tree Rack Holder.

This is made of high quality plastic and the little silicone pieces that actually hold the brush in place are very sturdy but very soft at the same time. Your brushes wont get scratched at all.

It works  both as Makeup brush holder and Dryer. I wash my makeup brushes quite frequently, and I hate to lay them down on a towel or tissue paper after washing them. This rack allows you to dry all different sized brushes upside down and it’s very easy to use. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, so this is convenient to carry when you are traveling.

These not only can be used on make up brush,but also perfect for painting brush and other suitable brushes.

You can buy this 26 Hole Makeup Brush Holder/Dryer on Amazon


Amazon Links:

  1. 24 Piece Set Makeup Brushes
  2. 26 Hole Makeup Holder/Dryer

If you are buying both of these products , Then it costs around 25$ in total which is pretty much affordable.

I would recommend these brushes and Holder to anyone that is budget conscious and still wants a great quality product.The way they are built and priced, they are so worth to buy. I am very much Impressed and happy with both these products and recommend this to all makeup lovers.

16 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Makeup Brush Set and Holder Review

  1. Oh dear. Brushes that physically hurt to use are definite no-no’s. I’m glad these have worked out for you. Looks like such a versatile collection. 🙂 The drying rack looks super useful, too! Although I recommend drying your brushes upside-down to avoid any water trickling in to the space between the handle and the metal, loosening any glue or rusting any metal. 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life.  xx

  2. Holy Moly … this is something for professionals and I have not seen it in my house with my 3 girls but sounds very interesting to have in your kit 🙂

  3. I have been building my brush set up more and more over the last year. It’s great when you can find an entire set that is affordable – especially if many are unfamiliar to you. I was going to leave the tip of drying them upside down when I saw the photos, but you already mentioned that! 😀

  4. Woah! This brushes is a heaven to every make-up lover! The brush holder is nice too! I would be grateful if I have this kind of brushes. I hope someone can give it to me as a present. haha!

  5. I’m sure a lot of people will love this! I think it’s awesome that it comes with a holder as well. It’s really convenient to use and have.

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