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Benefit cosmetics boutique & brow bar



I have been hearing alot about Benefit Cosmetics boutique & brow bar and finally i got an opportunity to book an appointment at one of the stores located at Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

Opened in 1976, Benefit has grown to over 900 Brow Bars worldwide & employees more aestheticians than any other company. It’s true! Every Benefit Brow Bar is staffed with licensed professionals, highly trained in the art of brow shaping,waxing and all other services they provide.

Starting with the appointment,it was easy to schedule and  was in and out, same-day. Despite of their busy schedule , They let me in with a big smile even though i was 30 minutes late.The store, was super clean and everything was neatly placed with color PINK everywhere which i loved it.

Even though i was late, they din’t made me wait for a long time,the wait time was less than 15 minutes (i had to wait for hours in other parlors for being late).

Brow Waxing : The expert explained the process she would use to find and define my natural brow shape and arch, and how she would then use either wax or tweezers to shape and refine it.Eyebrow threading hurts alot but Trust me this waxing was painless. The price $$ was very reasonable with the great service they provided.

You can check out the list of services they provide and their price on their website.

Later i was checking out their products  which were displayed on the island, the staff were very friendly  and helped me alot in understanding the application of those products and they weren’t pushy about selling any of the Benefit products while I was there.



FREE Gift :

They gave me a “Deluxe Benefit Double the Lip” lip color as a Gift for my honest review on their store. YAYYY!!!


           Double the lip – Lip color

I have never tried any benefit products before and this was a very good start for me,

The Double the lip lipstick & liner in one is crafted with a custom teardrop tip. The deepest shade is melted into the outer point of the lipstick to line the lip , while a lighter shade simultaneously fills in the lip in one swipe. Lips are left looking seamlessly full and satiny smooth.

Honeslty speaking , I Love Love Love this lip color, it is

  • Rich in Color
  • Matte & moisturizing
  • Easy to apply
  • Smells good

This was my first time visiting Benefit Cosmetics Boutique & brow bar and i had a great experience. Will definitely visit this place more often and try other products & services.

So! Have any of you tried the Brow bar or Benefit products?

Thoughts? Feelings?


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37 replies

  1. The color is awesome..

  2. Coool color is just superb

  3. Wish we had one of their stores here!

  4. OH wow this is the cutest place!!

  5. Thanks for the review! I really want to get my brows done there but I’m afraid I won’t like the results!

    Molly and Stacie

  6. Cute! Need to get mine done

  7. Wow so cute! I need mine done.

  8. I have never tried Benefit products, but I have always heard really good things about them. So glad you had a good experience there.

  9. We have one here too. I went a few months ago and had a decent experience except for the fact that no one spoke English. They had to call a manager who came in and the young lady instructions. It was a little stressful because of that, you don’t want an eyebrow failure due to lost in translation. If not for that, I’d go again.

  10. I would LOVE to go the Benefit Brow Bar! Wish I had one near me. This looks so amazing!

  11. Looks like a fun place to go. Glad you enjoyed

  12. I never heard of a place like this. It’s so cute. I’ll have to try one out.

  13. I’d love to try this place out! I wonder if there is one anywhere near me.

  14. What a cute space! I would love to try it out. That lipstick color is gorgeous!

    Maria | http://finastyleblog.com

  15. I will share tbe article to my wife, she’ve been complaining a lot about her brow. Thank you.

  16. Looks like an awesome place. I don’t have a benefit brow bar here but sure wish for one considering the lovely service they provide. And the lip color is luscious. Lucky you😊

  17. Good job on your reviews! I love Benefit Cosmetics as well, especially the pore primers. <3 Will watch out for your next review! 🙂


  18. Benefit is an awesome brand! I really love their products and they definitely know what people want when it comes to skin care and make-up!

  19. Their boutique looks amazing! I love that you can get your favorite benefit products there as well. They have the most awesome lip and cheek tint!

  20. Benefit’s store are the cutest!Love their products and packaging.This lipstick seems great,matte and moisturizing,so pretty!

  21. Nice review, I had no idea this was a thing. My GF goes to a local spa once a month and it makes her feel great even though she was great before going.

  22. I would love to go to the Benefit Brow Bar. Instead of removing brows I need to learn how to pencil them in since they are so thin from tweezing years ago.

  23. Great review. Now I want to visit them.

  24. The benefit cosmetics boutique brow bar looks like a fun place to visit with friends. I really like the adorable decor. The Deluxe Benefit Double the Lipstick is so cool!

  25. Great review Eazynazy! The place looks absolute fun and I would love that free gift! The lipstick colour is gorgeous!!

  26. I wish there is one in my country. Seems not available yet in Indonesia. 🙁

  27. This is such a cute boutique. I want to visit now.

  28. I’m go to check if there is a store close to me. Love the color so pretty!

  29. I haven’t tried any Benefit products before, but this looks like an amazing lipstick! Lipstick and liner in one? Awesome!

  30. Oh wow!! This looks so amazing!! I have been wanting to visit the Brow Bar for awhile now.

  31. This is so amazing!!! I love that lip color !!!

  32. We also have Benefit Brow Bar here, and I tried it once, but didn’t like it coz they made my brows too fierce (ala-Latina look!). But I like most of their products, I just stay away from their brow bar ☺

  33. I love the pics of the brow bar! So pretty in pink! That lipstick is rad with two colors in one!

  34. what a cute little place! that color is amazing!

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