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The Halal Guys are one of the Famous Food Spots in New York City. I have been hearing about them from Many years and  when I was in New York City, I had to visit this Place and know why they are so famous .

Location :

They have 5-6 franchises in NYC but while I was on the streets of the Big Apple, I saw many carts(over 10-15) all over the streets naming ‘Halal Guys/Halal food’ with similar color and I wasn’t sure if they were original .So, I went to the place where they actually started their first Business which is on west 53rd street 6th ave.

It was easy to find as the first thing you  see once you arrive at the intersection of 53rd St & 6th Ave is long waiting lines.YES, there were at least 15-20 people in front of me waiting for their turn and Surprisingly the line cleared within 10 minutes. Truly Speaking I get really excited when I see such long waiting lines as it indicates the quality of the food they serve.

Services : 

First of all they had me at Middle eastern food as you can never go wrong with it.Their Menu is simple with limited items which include rice and sandwiches(chicken,gyro and mixed).But the Most shocking part was their Prices which don’t even exceed 15$.I ordered Mix Chicken over rice (7$) and a gyro Sandwich (5$) which makes it in total 12$ VERY AFFORDABLE !! And I din’t had to wait for my food , as they give it right away when you are still there paying your Cash.

The Food was really delicious, the chicken is shredded, seasoned, and slow cooked to give it an incredible amount of flavors which was really moist and juicy,they also add lettuce and tomatoes to give it some freshness, and the rice was amazingly flavorful. They also give a few slices of pita bread to make it a perfect Meal.

Picture Credits : Halal Guys

The Gyro Sandwich was as good as the Chicken platter , shredded , Flavorful with tomatoes and Lettuce wrapped in a pita bread. But my favorite part was the Sauces, They offer 2 sauces – a creamy white sauce and a spicy red sauce. Make sure you add sauce to your meals as they taste incredibly good!

Picture Credits : Halal Guys

And now I know why they are so famous. I was so in love with their food that I had to have one meal every day during my stay in NYC.

Location :

1. W53 St & 6th Ave. SW Corner (Main Cart 7pm – 4am)

2. W53 St. & 6th Ave. SE Corner (10am – 4am)

3. W53 St. & 7th Ave. (10am-4am)

4. Laguardia Community College (10am – 8pm )

5. Brick and Mortar Store , 307 E.14th St. & Second Ave in east Village (7am – 4am )

Links :

Website : Thehalalguys.com

Facebook : @TheHalalGuys

Instagram : @TheHalalGuys

Summary : 

NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world and to serve Street food on such affordable prices and high quality is really amazing. Make sure you are at the Original Halal Guys as there are many carts with similar color and food

Tip :

  • Be Careful with their HOT sauce if you don’t like spicy food.I love Spicy foods but their hot sauce is 5times more spicier than what I actually eat lol.
  • They accept only CASH, Make sure you carry some.

29 thoughts on “The Halal Guys – New York City

  1. That gyro looks simply delicious, with the generous topping of creamy white sauce! I can imagine how delicious the moist chicken is combined with the spiciness of the red sauce and the freshness of the white one. You can never go wrong with food when there’s a line of people waiting to be served. I love the American culture of food trucks and food joints, apparently they have the best street food.

  2. I did not need so see this post all I had today was yogurt and a bagel 🙁 now I want this i’m starving I’m gonna go to New York just to try this out true story!!

  3. Lines like that usually put me off, but it’s good to know it cleared quickly. This food definitely sounds worth the wait! It’s so great to find something you love when you’re travelling and be able to eat it every day.

  4. Wow that line! You know it’s good when you see that! I love middle eastern food and wish there was more of it where I live. I had something similar when I went to New York but I don’t think it was from these guys. I’ll have to check them out next time I go!

  5. Love this! I did the same thing when I was in Berlin. I heard about this kebap stand (Mustafa’s) and traveled around to find it. Once I did, I had to wait in line for 45 minutes to order. It was so worth it, I decided to return a few weeks later and ended up having to wait 90 minutes. Still worth it! Isn’t it so much fun to find a place that lives up to the hype?

  6. This looks just amazing. Going to New York is on my bucket list. If I ever go there, I am for sure checking out Halal Guys!

  7. Oh my word!!! That looks wonderful!!!!!! 🙂 One of the things about living in a small-ish town is the lack of food options. Every time we are in an area that has food trucks, we make a bee line lol.

  8. This looks absolutely delicious. I was born and raised in NYC and I still cannot resist food trucks on the streets. Yum! Thanks for sharing…can’t wait to try it!

  9. This looks absolutely delicious. I was born and raised in NYC and still cannot resist food trucks. Thanks for sharing….will definitely try this!

  10. One of the things I really love about NYC is how easy it is to find all sorts of international cuisine in the city. I love middle eastern food so I’m sure I’d enjoy dining at the Halal Guys. I kinda feel like I’ve heard of them before. Not surprising, if they’re famous as you say! The food looks yummy in the photos. It’s making me hungry 😀

  11. This is so cool! I love learning about new foodie spots, and street fare is one of my favorites. Next time I am in New York, I am definitely stopping by Halal. Great!

  12. I also love seeing a long line for a food vendor. You know it is going to be good. Can’t wait to check them out next time I’m in the city!

  13. I’ve seen them a lot but never actually tried them. I might need to look into waiting on line and trying them next time!

  14. I’ve passed this so many times but never tried it. I might need to wait on line and try it out next time !

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