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  • Where/What is Roosevelt Island?
  • Attractions at Roosevelt Island?
  • How do i get there?
  • Where is Aerial Tram Located?
  • Tickets for Tram?
  • How long is the tram ride?


It is a Beautiful narrow island in New York city’s east river which lies in between Manhattan & Queens . I love Roosevelt island because it is different from any other area in NYC.It has a very friendly &  family neighbourhood with apartments,schools,shops,restaurants,parks,recreational areas and much more.It is not at all crowded like Manhattan,at parts it is so peace full with no people.


Main attractions were the Freedom park and the Light house. These two are exactly at the opposite ends of island so i would recommend taking a Bus ride for a quarter.These are the great places to just sit,read or picnic with family & friends.

Freedom park
Light house


Do you remember the scene from Spider-Man where he rescues people on tram???THIS IS THAT TRAM.  You can get to Roosevelt island either through Aerial Tram ride from Manhattan or by (F)train. I choose to travel by Aerial tram.


The tram station is located at the 2nd avenue of East 59 street, 10022.


The ticket for one side tram way is 4$ per person.If you have a Metro card then it cost one swipe each way


There are two trams running Back & forth but when i went there only one was working.So there was 15minutes wait time.

It is a 7-8 minute ride,during the ride you get to see a wonderful view of Manhattan skyline, Queensboro bridge & Roosevelt island over the east river.


I would definitely recommend to visit this place if you want to see NYC in a different perspective. It’s great for getting away from busy city life and taking peace full long walks.


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  1. These are great photos of the park. Its a nice place to go in the middle of the day to watch all the action on the ground and in the air.

  2. This is the one place I did not go when I was in New York City! Really now wishing I had checked it out. Will for sure be going back so this is going on my visit list!!

  3. I’ve been to New York so many times and can’t believe I’ve never rode the tram to Roosevelt Island – that looks so fun! And I love the lighthouse end of the island.

  4. This looks like a lot of fun! If I ever get out to that big city, I’ll have to check this out! Looks like a great way to see some of the city skyline!

  5. This looks like a lot of fun! Definitely looks like it would be a great sight seeing tour and way to see the skyline!

  6. Oooooo this is one place in NY that I haven’t had the chance to visit! Looks like I know
    What I’m doing next NYC trip!

  7. Roosevelt Island is a beautiful place to visit. I live in New York and have visited quite a few times. You took beautiful photos.

  8. Roosevelt is very peaceful. It’s always nice to walk around the Freedom Park and just enjoy the quiet. The view is amazing as well.

  9. Wow, showed these photos to my kids and they know the place better than I do! We’ve never been anywhere near the US so their knowledge probably came from the books they read and videos they see.

    Thank you for this wonderful post.

  10. Wow what an amazing place to go for a day trip! I love taking tram rides on the various places I visit because you get an amazing view of everything.

  11. My husband and I have been trying to save up for a trip to NY. And it really isn’t to far from Virginia but making the time. I would love to be able to experience it like you have, such amazing pictures. Thank you for sharing and my husband and I will definitely have to put the tramway on our to-do list when we do go.

  12. These are beautiful photos of the park way too long since I’ve been in NY. Queens is such a fun place, great food awesome places to take pictures.

  13. I feel like any city in Spring is gorgeous! Those trees and the colors are so pretty. I have never done an aerial tram but it seems like an amazing experience.

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