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  • Address        : 285 Fulton Street, New York, NY 10007
  • Ticket           : 34$ (General Admission)
  • Wait Time    : less than 10 minutes
  • Hours            : 9 am – 8pm
  • Tickets  Link     : https://oneworldobservatory.com/



One world trade center , the tallest sky scrapper with 104 standard floors in western hemisphere is also known as “Freedom tower”  was opened to public on  November 3, 2014 .

Visiting One world trade was my dream and now am standing in front of it and praising its beauty.WOW!!!!

I visited this on a weekday on around 4 pm and this beauty was shining like a diamond in the sun.

As we enter the building there is a security checkup and from there i was directed to elevator(from here the amazing journey begins). While you wait for elevator , the voice starts talking about “SKY POD” . Yes, it is a Sky pod elevator. The elevator has screens from floor to ceiling on three sides which shows two different movies while going up & coming down.

As elevator quickly ascends, you watch a time lapse video of development of skyline of New York from past to present day, by the time the elevator reaches 102 floor in less than 60 seconds. WOW!!!

From there i was directed to “SEE FOREVER THEATER” .It has a huge blocks of monitors which shows you the images & videos of people who built one world trade center.I was least interested in watching that because i wanted to go see the observatory first Lol . but then the presentation stopped and the screens went up revealing the real views of  New York city OMG my heart skipped a beat, i couldn’t believe my eyes that what am seeing is real and not a picture. The view was Amaziiiinngggg and what i saw was totally unexpected.

And from there we were invited to Observation deck which was two floors below on 100th floor . there was also a One world trade explorer , where you can rent a tablet for 15$ to take with you for a tour on observatory deck.That tablet gives you the detailed information about the places you want to see from observation deck. I thought that was not useful for me ,so i din’t rent it.

On the 101st floor there are three Dining  options :

  1. One Cafe
  2. One Mix
  3. One Dine

Although i did not dine in any one of them :p

From there i finally arrived on 100th floor which is the actual Observation deck and there it was a 360 degree view of New York city which was spectacular.I sat their for a while admiring the view.

Their was a live music going on with lot of crowd which i din’t pay attention to.:p

There was also a Sky portal on the same floor where i went to step onto a circular disc like glass platform, through which i saw the real footage of streets under my feet.

Sky Portal

And finally at around 6 pm i went down through sky pod elevator and in that they displayed the night view of New York city while we descend.


I believe world trade center is a must visit when you plan a trip to New York city. Although i visited Rockefeller(top of the rock) a day before ,which had almost a similar view ,i enjoyed One world trade observatory the most.

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  1. I’ve been to New York a couple of times but never had the opportunity to go there ! I guess being able to drive there from Boston made me take it for granted and now I would have to fly there! xoxo

  2. I have not been back to New York since this was built! I am so looking forward to going back and taking this all in. What an awesome review. Really looking forward to that sky pod elevator!

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