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My Day-3 in New York was as exciting as it was on my first day.I started my day by visiting Roosevelt island.I took [7]&[f] metro from hotel to reach their.It is a narrow island in New York City’s east river.You can go there either by Aerial tram ride or by metro.I choose Aerial Tram,the ticket for aerial tram is 4$ one way but if you have a metro card then it’s free(click here to get detailed information about Roosevelt Island).

The apple store was just 0.4 miles from Roosevelt Island.It is by far one of the coolest apple stores i have ever seen.From the outside it is a glass cube,when you go down stairs to a floor below ground, you see a typical apple store with lots of gadgets and crazy tons of people around you.It is a very tourists trafficked store in NYC,besides that it is super clean and the staff was very friendly.Even if you are not buying anything this is still a cool place to stop and see.

One word sticks in my mind “GOLD”. Yes,you see a lot of gold inside,gold plated elevators,escalators,doors,lobby and much more.I came here to snap some pictures from outside the building and as i went near the door the security/doormen opened the door for me with a big smile and i went in with a question mark face lol. I din’t knew that it is open to public from 8am-10pm.The staff was great and very informative when we asked questions. It had shops,cafes and you can take escalator way up to the fifth floor where there is a open seating area to have some coffee.It also has a 60 foot high internal waterfall with a pedestrian bridge which crosses over the waterfall pool.It was worth a look.

This Place is HUGEEEEEE. And it has EVERYTHING.From waterfalls to lakes & ponds, lush grassy areas perfect for picnicking,Countless Monuments, Trees, Animals, Birds, Activities,Crowd, horse drawn carriage rides, zoo,boat riding, hiking and much more,  you will have your hands full.I guess even a whole full day is not enough to see the entire park.As i have a limited time, i rented a 1 hour carriage which was 70$.The guide takes you to few must visit sites in central park where you can get down and snap pictures.My guide was very informative,he told the history about every site i visited.If you have less time i would definitely recommend you to rent a carriage.No trip to NYC is complete without a stop at Central park.

I took metro(M11) from central park to reach High line.High line is a nice place to walk around above NYC where you can see gorgeous flowers and fun art.It is great way to see New York from a different angle.It is elevated from streets and lined with trees, gardens and benches where you can sit and enjoy the view.This place is a one kind of attraction which adds to the uniqueness of New York.

As we were tired walking for such a long time ,we took a hop on/hop off bust at the end of the high line.I used my Explorer pass to get in to the downtown and Brooklyn tour bus.In this tour i got to see many places like Brooklyn bridge, SoHo, China town, Little Italy and many more interesting places.I would definitely recommend the bus tours if you want to cover many places in limited time.
China town
Brooklyn Bridge

After the downtown & Brooklyn tour we got down at Grand central terminal and went back to our Hotel by taking [7] metro.

So much to do, see and eat!  During the months of June through August, it gets pretty hot and humid.By September it’s starts to cool down a bit so maybe even carrying an Umbrella is advisable.  By the end of November through December, the temperature starts to drop even cooler so try to wear Warm clothes, and January and February are usually the coldest months with the most chance of snow ,Which makes you carry a snow jacket.
You will never get bored at any point of the city,there is always something interesting to see/do.Yes, NYC is a treasure to behold. Everyone needs to visit this place at least once.

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  1. NYC is one of our favourite cities to visit. Every time we’re there we discover something new! Looks like you had a fab time. We haven’t yet been to the high line, can’t wait to check that out.

  2. You make New York look like a great place to visit! Amazing since I’m more a rural girl than a city girl and not very interested in dealing with crowds. Now you’ve got me thinking that I might want to see New York from some of these different vantage points. Great job.

    1. The street food is so amazing that you will never want to go to a restaurant. The one stall which you need to definitely try is “Halal guys” . You will love it and is so affordable. You will end up finding a halal guy stall at evry corner of the street but the real halal guys is on west 53rd street, 6th avenue

  3. Some of the pictures didn’t want to load for me. Maybe its just mt phone. I’ve driven through new York once but never got to really visit. It looks like so much fun!

  4. Wow! When I want to the United States last year, I was planning to go to New York but since I was all the way in California and didn’t have enough time to go to the East Coast, I wasn’t able to go. You went to so many amazing places, would definitely visit those next time!


  5. I have to get back to see NYC. I know it’s a lot different from when I went a long time ago. I actually last went when the Twin Towers were still standing. This looks beautiful. I’m kind of surprised you were able to get into Trump Tower with all that’s gone on there. That’s cool. I have heard it is very Gold laden.

  6. That’s really awesome. NYC is always my favorite place, not just because I live here. It really has a lot to offer and you discover something new everyday.

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