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Places I covered in 3 days :

  1. Empire state building              
  2. One world trade center          
  3. Rockefeller (Top of the rock)   
  4. Statue of liberty                      
  5. Ellis island                         
  6. 9/11 Tribute center
  7. Times square
  8. Wall street
  9. Charging Bull
  10. Roosevelt island (Aerial tram) 
  11. New York public library
  12. Grand Terminal
  13. Apple store
  14. Central park                            
  15. Trump tower          
  16. High line
  17. Brooklyn bridge
  18. Halal guys                              
  19. Battery park
  20. Love sculpture
  21. M&M world
  22. Madame Tussauds  
  23. Flatiron Building
  24. SoHo
  25. China town
  26. Little Italy
  27. Hop on/Hop off Bus tour         

NEW YORK- The city that Never sleeps,For me it is the most amazing city in the world.After visiting NYC , One word sticks in my mind “MAGIC” .There is absolute too much things to do here, from tourist attractions, the various restaurants and crazy food ideas that are absolutely amazing, the nightlife if you know where to go, the list is endless. There’s something for everyone.The people are magically special and no matter how long someone lives in New York, there’s always something exciting happening. If you don’t like it, then you obviously went to the wrong section of the city.

  New York is the Most expensive city so i had to plan everything in budget.i went to NYC in September & I felt the hotels in Manhattan were too costly for me,So i booked a hotel which was far from Manhattan but in a good price.I booked my flight+hotel through Expedia.com, My flight charges for 2 people from Los Angeles + 3 Nights Hotel stay was around 1200$ which was a good price.I also bought a NYC 7 attraction Explorer pass on Expedia.com for 150$/ person,Which was very Useful in Exploring the city.
I personally don’t like to spend too much money on hotels when in vacation & I wanted a hotel which is near to my airport, so i stayed in Best Western Plus LaGuardia Airport Hotel (click here for detailed information about my stay in Hotel).
I was determined to visit every single place that was on my NYC bucket list,so i made it a point to get up as early as possible each morning as not to miss any precious moment in exploring this grand city.So with the Metro Card in hand, I began my adventure.
Metro Card – Single ride — 3$, 7 day ride — 31$, Unlimited rides — 116$  
As my stay was only for 3 days so i bought a 7 day ride pass.

As i bought a explorer pass online so i had to first go for redemption of the pass to central park sightseeing tours,and for that i had to change 2 metros (7&F) to go there.
Here you can also rent bikes to explore the central park,i couldn’t rent it as i had a baby who’s 6 months old .After taking the pass,i went to see Love sculpture which was just 0.1 miles away. 

This iconic public art in the middle of the side walk is dedicated to the most beautiful emotion,originally designed by Robert Indiana back in 1964.NYC has so many art everywhere and some of them are unique and original , i found this art more interesting than others.It’s a great photo opportunity if you want a memory in the Big Apple. so feel free to ask someone to snap a photo for you, & obviously it is difficult to get a solo picture because it is usually full of people around.

After taking a couple of pictures ,From there i went to have some food to Famous Halal guys which was just 0.1 miles away
As in pictures you can see the longggg wait line which itself tells you how delicious the food is,and this amazing food was only for 10$ or less. There are hundreds of fake halal guys carts so make sure you got to the right one.

After having food we went to the Rockefeller center (Top of the rock) which was just 0.3 miles away. I used my Explorer pass to get into it without buying a ticket. If you don’t have a pass then you can buy tickets in the building for 32$. As the observatory is on the 67th,68th & 69th floor,  you can get some amazing shots of empire state building and central park.

From there i went to M&M world which was just 0.3 miles away to buy some goodies.
YES,it is crowded.YES,it is overpriced and YES i still bought hell lot of things from this store because it’s all about your love towards M&M’s.This store is a trap and you’ll definitely fall in this trap.This store has 3 floors to it. Each level has something different to fall for.it’s worth to shop and look around .There are tons of giant windows on 3rd floor where you can get a really good view of times square.

I Love Times square but what i don’t love is overcrowded people .Whether it’s good or bad …it is MUST.Full of weird people, fun lights, cheap shopping.Characters roaming around  but,Beware of those characters who offered/ forced you to take pictures with them because they don’t do that for free , you have to pay 5$  or more for each.

A must see for first time tourists, it will keep you entertained for few hours.

Museum of wax sculptures.If you are a big fan of Hollywood then it is a must visit place for you. I visited madame tussauds in Los Angeles before and both are very different.Tickets were around 38$ per person,but i used my Explorer pass to get in.


Near Times Square on busy 8th avenue. Most well known paper in the history of the world. This was on my way to Empire state building ,So cool to see the office  and the staff from the street.


It’s the building King Kong climbed, how cool is that.Empire state building is a 102 story skyscraper,it has an observatory where you can see the view of the beautiful city right in the middle of Rockefeller center & one world trade center.The ticket for the observatory was 34$, but i used my explorer pass to enter this.


Stop by the library to experience the movie like adventure,all the rooms and hall ways are grand and beautiful.From the special exhibits, to the reading rooms you can browse the vast collection of books and loose yourself into another world(detailed information about library in my next blog).


The name itself says it all “GRAND” .Grand central is the place where most movies are filmed . I love to see the history and archetecture of this place but The main reason you’ll be here is if you need a MetroNorth train to go north of New York. The second reason is it’s also a major subway hub that connects to Times Square and Union Square. The third reason is for the food and shops for people that work nearby or people passing through.
 And i ended my 1st day by taking metro (7) from grand terminal to hotel.

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  1. So many things to see! I’ve been to NYC twice and I feel like there is still so much I haven’t seen. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. You’ve covered quite a lot of places in three days. I feel that even 2 weeks is not sufficient if you have to explore each and every attractions of the Big Apple!

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