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New York :

The city that Never sleeps is one of the Most Expensive cities in the world.Most of the people Dream of visiting New York at least once in life time,some do visit and some always give a second thought because of the Title (Expensive city) the city have.Here in this blog am going to share my “Travel in Budget” experience for the first time visitors to NYC.

1. Accommodation :

Hotels in Manhattan, NYC are wayyyyy Expensive.It’s always better to take a hotel either on queens side or New jersey side.I personally don’t like to spend too much money on hotels when on vacation & I wanted a hotel which is near to my airport, so i stayed in Best Western Plus LaGuardia Airport Hotel.I booked this hotel  through Expedia, They  always have very good deals on flights , hotels and other stuff. 3 nights for 2 people it costs around 400$ which is a very good deal specially in a city like New York.

2. Activities :

There is absolute too much things to do here, from tourist attractions, the various restaurants and crazy food ideas that are absolutely amazing, the nightlife if you know where to go, the list is endless. There’s something for everyone.Some attractions need $$ to see/visit while some are absolutely Free.Here is the List of  Free Things to see/do in New York.

There are also some must visit attractions in NYC which are $$.So, I bought a 7-attraction Explorer Pass through Expedia Which was 300$ (150$ each) for 2 people.With this pass you will get to see/do

  1. Top of the Rock (Rockefeller center )
  2. Empire state building Observatory deck
  3. Statue of Liberty & Ellis island
  4. One world trade center
  5. Hop on/ Hop off 42 hour bus tour
  6. Madame Tussaud’s
  7. American Museum of Natural History


3.Food and Dinning:

If you are travelling in budget then dinning in restaurant is a very bad option.In NYC there are lots of street food options available which are good and cheap(<10$).Quickly grab something and Explore while eating so that you don’t waste time in eating.

4.Transportation :

If you plan to ride the buses or subway then you should buy a Metro Cared.Metro is the best option to travel anywhere in NYC. If you want to travel in Uber,cab or car then you are wasting a lottttt of time in travelling because NYC is full of Traffic.

Metro ride:

Single ride-3$

7-day pass-31$

Unlimited rides – 116$ per month.

My stay in New York was for 3 days so i took 7 day Metro pass.

Sample cost for 3 nights/2 people :

Hotel                 : 400$

Food                  : <200$

Metro card        : 62$

Explorer Pass  : 300$

        Total cost : 1002 $


Summary :

I traveled from Los Angeles to NYC through flight & booked my tickets through Expedia and it took 800$ round trip for 2 people which was a very good price.

To know how to plan a 3-Day trip to New York City , click the Links below:




40 thoughts on “How much does it cost to travel New York City?

  1. Great guide – NYC is especially expensive and I enjoyed your tips. I also love the free walking tours offered by companies across NYC

    1. i had only 3 days and wanted to cover everything in my bucket list of NYC . so din’t had time for free walking tours. I will definitely try
      this in my next visit . thank you 🙂

  2. Some fab ideas for visiting New York! I love the idea of trying the street food and subway. Sounds like part of living like a local. Forget how much there really is to do! x

  3. Great tips, my friend wanted to go so I will make sure she sees this as it might help her save a little money. We would need to add flights as we are based in the UK.

  4. I haven’t ever really thought about the cost of going, despite dreaming of going. Then I need to factor in money for clothes and make up!!

  5. I definitely love to go to New York one day but it is quite expensive but I love this as a rough guide so I know how much to save up!

  6. This is a great post – I love how you totally made New York seem so much less intimidating, price-wise. Breaking things down and recommending the Explorer Pass was cool too! It’s great that they have something like that, so that you can put together a sort of “Most-Inclusive” travel plan.

  7. Whenever I travel, I find that looking for accommodation in Airbnb is so much more affordable than hotels. I would advice doing that especially if you’re going to a place like NY. There are many free things that you can do here too!

  8. Wow, that’s so expensive, but as you say, it is an expensive city. Are there any city campgrounds? I have camped in Bergen and in Amsterdam, just minutes away from the city centre, and I found it a great budget way to explore a city.

  9. Ahh! New York is crazy expensive !! and the subway is ridiculously confusing ! I’ve only driven there from Boston and haven’t stayed overnight because of the hotel rates ! 🙁

  10. I use to live in NY and didn’t do the tourist activities till after I moved. A lot of things are walking distance and unlike Miami their public transportation always helps to actually get places.

  11. Whoa! That’s such an awesome deal! The last time I went to NYC, it was around $5000 but then again, we stayed in the Essex House on Central Park. (I won the trip and that’s the amount I had to pay taxes on – I guess it’s better than having to pay the full amount!) The most money I spent there was for breakfast at Sara Beth’s and we got Eggs Benedict. The total was $60 for 2 people – SERIOUSLY 2 eggs, 2 English muffins and 2 coffees – SIXTY BUCKS – but it was SO worth it!!

    I can’t wait to go back!

  12. New York is definitely on my list of places to visit! I just want to experience the nightlife there just once. Can I afford it right now? Probably not. Will I go anyway? Most definitely! There’s always the future

  13. As close as NYC is to me, I really should get there more often. It is easy to access by train from CT. There are a lot of museums and cultural things I would like to check out.

  14. Oh dang NYC is so expensive… it’s on top of my to go list, but looks like I have to keep saving up a bit more before I can take off. I don’t plan on skimping on all the good food!

  15. Great to know! My daughter wants me to take her to NYC one day. I plan on saving and figuring out all the costs of the things she wants to do.

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