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EazyNazy is the Founder & Editor in Chief of the website Eazynazy.com. She received her Bachelors in Engineering and enjoys Blogging. She is passionate about Travelling, Cooking, Baking, Makeup and Writing.

Eazynazy is a website which Focuses on making Vacations, Shopping and Activities “EAZY” for people by offering them a Scheduled plan by Reviewing places she Visits, Products she use and Things She do.

Audience Profile 

Demographics: 89%Female 11% Male, highly educated, Aged 18-24 (32%) and 24-34 (52%), primarily from the United States , United Kingdom and Canada.

Geographic Breakdown: 51.4% United States, 22.1% United Kingdom, 10.5% Canada. Strong followings in India, Australia , Germany, Italy, France, and Singapore as well.

Traffic Stats 

  • 6500 Unique Visitors/mo
  • 10,000 Page views/mo

Social Media Statistics

  • 5.5k + Combined Social Media Followers
  • Facebook : 1500+
  • Instagram : 1200+
  • Pinterest : 1400+
  • Bloglovin’ : 350+
  • Newsletter Subscribers : 250+
  • Others : 500+

And Growing !!!

Web Ranking

Alexa Rank : 357,649

Alexa Rank , USA : 134,361

Alexa Rank , UK : 99,430


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