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As you all know I love visiting Museums and today I brought another , which is one of the most talked about museums in LA ‘The Broad’ . The Broad is a contemporary art Museum located in Downtown Los Angeles . It has nearly 2000 piece collection of contemporary art, featuring 200 artists, including works by Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons, Ed Ruscha, Andy Warhol, and Roy Liechtenstein.

It is a 3 story Building which itself is a Masterful piece of art with a honeycomb- like structure. Once you get in you will be treated with some of the most iconic contemporary  art. The first thing when you enter the museum is to go straight to the iPad to put your name down for the Infinity Room because that is the MAIN attraction for the Broad. Once you put down your name and phone number, they will text you when it is your turn to line up to check out the room.

Stacked Plates

The first and third floor is where all the arts are displayed.The first floor consists of special exhibits which needs to be reserved on the same day on arrival for ticket holders. One of the special exhibits is the Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room. This amazing artwork has extremely limited capacity, accommodating one visitor at a time for about 45 seconds. Due to it’s popularity and  limited capacity of the installation, not all visitors are able to experience it, as the wait-list for viewings usually books up early in the day(within the first two hours of museum opening).

If you could see in the picture below,the small wooden piece on the floor is the only place where you can stand and rest is water.How cool it is isn’t it ?? The 45 seconds spent in this room were the best part of the Museum.

Infinity Mirrored Room


Tip : To experience this experimental installation , book a ticket for early in the day for a future date and stand in the onsite ticketing line early in the day.

Jeff koons


The third floor has their permanent collection and one of the stunning art piece is “Under the table” by Robert Therrien. It is a 10 foot tall dinning table where you can actually walk under it. this extraordinary art piece makes you nostalgic by reminding you the childhood memories of hiding under the table . It also made me feel like ‘Alice’ in Alice in wonderland.

Under the Table

The Next art is Tulips (Koons) which is a Giant, colorful tulips and you’ll see this right when you enter floor 3 with a colorful Mural in the background.

Tulips (koons)

Don’t forget to check out their escalators and elevators which are also an amazing masterpiece of art.

Escalator to 3rd floor

As I mentioned above, these are just few of their extraordinary arts, to see more arts plan a visit to ‘The Broad Museum’


221 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Tickets :

The museum is free for all. However, the advice is to go on their website and get your tickets booked Months in advance. Yes,You read it right “Months in advance”.

They do have a line for those without reservations but you need to wait for your turn atleast for an  hour or so, I’d suggest going early in the day and just wait it out.

Parking :

Even though the admission for Broad is Free, but the Parking is 12$. There’s also street parking available but it’s usually full.

Links :

Website : Thebroad.org

Facebook : Thebroadmuseum

Instagram : @thebroadmuseum


Summary : 

I would highly recommend visiting ‘The Broad’ if you are in Los Angeles, as it is a perfect place to spend a day and also for a photo opt.

I Thank “The Broad” management for giving me a Media/Press pass , so that I can skip the line and explore all the exhibits.

As always, all opinions are my own.


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  1. so beautiful, last time I was in LA I was pressed on time and couldn’t make it :s I really wanted to see the famous infinity room 🙁 can’t wait to go back and scratch this one off my list xx

  2. What a great round up of artists at the Broad Museum. The ‘Infinity Mirrored’ room looks like an art installation you wouldn’t want to miss even for the quick 45 second viewing. ‘Under the Table’ also looks like a highlight. Really reminded me of a Alice in Wonderland experience. Koons artwork is so unique as well. I will have to put the Broad museum on my list for my next trip to LA.

  3. I love contemporary art museums and this one looks like having some very fun pieces. The water room looks incredible! And I would love to see under the table too!

  4. That’s interesting! I’d like to visit the place. 2000 pieces? That would take an entire day just to engulf all the creativity! You’re right. The building itself looks interesting! The infinity mirrored room looks like the universe!!! Just awesome!!!

  5. I absolutely loved the Infinity Mirrored Room and ‘Under The Table’. The mirrored room looks more of a galaxy of stars. And how cool it would be to sit on that chair and eat. Lol. 🙂

  6. I was thinking how Instagrammable The Broad looked, then i saw your Instagram shot! The Broad seems to be a very popular museum but with your tips and organisation you should be able to see it all in a day. I’ll definitely visit the broad next time I’m in downtown LA.

  7. I live in LA and have never been to this museum. It looks super cool. Why didn’t I ever think of going there. We love visiting museums so I’ll have to add this to my list. Plus I love all the photos you took. My favorite is the infinity mirror room 🙂

  8. I love art museums, but I’ve never been to anything this spectacular! The Broad is a place that I will be visiting for sure the next time that I’m in Los Angeles!

  9. Museums are always on my list. I wonder why I have never heard of this ‘The Broad Musuem’ despite the fact that it looks so cool and has an amazing collection of art and pieces. I loved the escalator and the Under the Table pic.

  10. I would have a blast at this museum. It looks like there’s cool things to look at. I’d like that mirrored room.

  11. The Broad looks like an amazing art Museum. I would love to check it out the next time I am downtown Los Angeles.

  12. I really want to go to the museum. So this article is really helpful. I can get all the information based on this article before going to the museum

  13. Such a wonderful look at it. Museums are always top on my list to visit when I’m in a new city. That honeycomb structure on the exterior is cool!

  14. I love Jeff Koons so much. Looking at any of his giant, shiny sculptures evokes the kid in me. I want to touch them so bad.

  15. That very first photo in your post is an artistic creation by El Anatsui. He is known for creating amazing shimmering cloth installations that are massive. This museum is one of the few things I miss about leaving LA.

  16. My son loves going to the museum! The artwork that you shared was incredible, especially the large table and the tulips. Definitely a place we will have to visit one day! Thanks for sharing

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