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It’s Summer and the first thing which hits our head is the Beach & the Ice cream. Recently I have been to Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles and got to visit Stick House which is in Buzz for being International Brand’s First store in USA With over 100 Stores world wide, So I thought of Checking it out for all my readers who were constantly asking me to review Food Spots in and around California.

While I was there, I found out that This is an Italian Based Franchise where the Gelatos are handcrafted and are organic & Low Calorie . I was like WHAT?? Low Calorie?? YES PLEASE !!!

All their products are made fresh daily without preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial flavors or coloring. Their Fruit Sorbettos and Creamy Gelato bars contain nothing but water, fresh fruit, pure cane sugar and milk.


Structure :

A Cute Little Red & Yellow painted store with a Limited number of  Indoor Seating Which is perfect to eat and Click pictures with your Favorite Gelato.

Services :

They Offer a wide Variety of Fruit Sorbettos, Creamy Gelatos, Cupidos ,Mini Gelatos ,Stick Shakes ,Cioco Sticks , Coffee and Much more.

There are Variety of Flavors  to pick from and once you picked your flavor you can have it dipped in chocolate and then topped with some crunch of almonds or similar nuts.

I ordered Tiramisu Dipped in white Chocolate and Topped with pistachio and dark chocolate with a Creamy Gelato Cake.As I took the first bite of Tiramisu it smoothly melted in my mouth just like a cream and the Creamy Gelato Cake was so Amazingly delicious that You can Definitely taste the richness of Gelato . The sticks and Cake were very nicely Frozen and The Taste was Top Notch.

The Staff :

The Staff were Very Friendly and Polite. It is quite Obvious that you get confused  when you see so many Flavors lined up at one place.But The Staff were very patiently Explaining about the Flavors to each and every customer.


Location :

223 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Links :

Website : Stick House Gelato

Facebook : @stickhousegelato

Instagram : Stickhousegelato

Twitter : @gelatosticks

Summary : 

This is by far the Best Gelatos I have ever had and I would definitely recommend this place to everyone who needs a Sweet Treat. If it’s a Hot Day or Any Day, If you’re in the area, make this your dessert stop to take a break from the heat,am sure you will not be disappointed.Please don’t forget to check out their Menu on their Website and Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Tip :

They also have a ” Golden Hour ” which is the last hour before the sunset, where they give you a discount of $1.00 off the price of any Stick or Treat purchased during Golden Hour. 

65 thoughts on “Stickhouse in Los Angeles

  1. Oh my! I am not big on sweets but I would totally like to try one of these. Maybe two of these. They are so delicious looking and there are some creative flavor combos. If I’m anywhere close, I am stopping by.

  2. I’ll definitely visit Stick House the next time I’m in LA, summer or winter! Low calorie and organic is a double bonus, the cane sugar for me tastes a lot better than artificial sugar (like the Sprite from Mexico!) Golden hour sounds like the time of day to visit!

  3. i’m never usually a fan of gelato but you make it sound delicious! the flavours read like something different and i love that you can dip it in chocolate or nuts. looks very good.

  4. Oh my, I’m drooling now! They all look so yummy! I love ice creams and I think that if I am living in the area, I might of been there everyday. The Tiramisu you got there looks delicious as well. And the way you describe it made me feel like I am tasting it as well. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Ha! Looks so yummm…I love Tiramisu any day, but never thought of a combo of it with white chocolate and pistachio. Good to know they make it daily, so its fresh! All this in low calorie??? I want it, NOW!

  6. Low calorie? Then let’s have two!! LOL! We love gelato. Of course it is tasty but it is also so pretty. Not sure why the colors are so vibrant but they are!

  7. One of the best things about Summer has got to be ice creams and these all look delicious! Think I would’ve gone for the same as you, tiramisu dipped in white chocolate looks delicious!

  8. MM this looks like a great place to beat the summer heat in Calo. I love the ingredients of the fruit sticks. I think I need to go get some gelato now!

  9. I am not an ice cream person but still I don’t mind trying out unique ones. Fruit Sorbettos and Creamy Gelatos sound great. I like the fact that it contains fresh fruit. I know a chain in Mumbai, India which does the same.

  10. Gelatos are great specially to beat the heat. Being a foodie, I literally drooled over your pics of the amazing looking customized gelatos. Ad the fact that they are made fresh daily without no artificial flavorings make it a healthy option too.

  11. I have a weakness for gelato. Especially when it comes to low calories, organic and healthy! Stickhouse serves so many flavours. I will sure check it out when I’m in LA and hope it will expand soon to Canada!

  12. Definitely, the beach aand ice cream is on my mind as we approach summer. You have now given me a an idea for when I travel to CA. I have not seen a Stick House in NJ, BY area but will be googling today. Thanks for adding the lovely pics.

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  14. Oh my god! Those gellatos look really yummy, I can feel the italian origins just by their uniqueness, I bet they taste as good as they look!

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  16. Wow they all look so delicious! I only wish we had something remotely close to this in Dayton Ohio. Gelato is so yummy and I can’t even imagine so many choices and on a convenient stick to boot! You did a great job on this review, keep taking those beautiful photos! xo

  17. Oh my goodness! To die for! I love the idea of this place, the photos of the ice cream in the window are so appealing. Next time I visit the US I must go here!

    Enjoy the journey!

  18. Oh my, that place looks so good! I wish I lived closer.. but it’s probably a good thing I don’t! Maybe they will open up one close to me!

  19. Your description of the Tiramisu you ordered has my mouth watering. The selection is incredible. We don’t have anything like that here, so I am officially jealous!

  20. I have heard of stick house but I have been unable to go there as of yet. I have heard nothing but great things about them though. I will have to check this out soon.

  21. Love these photos! I love gelato and it’s making me want some! Totally agree with others, the best gelato is in Italy but this looks like a close second.

  22. This gelato shop sounds like a little piece of heaven! Especially since they’re organic and low cal. Win. I think I’d pick the tiramisu .. my favorite dessert in gelato form. Yum!

  23. I would love to try gelato. I have never tried any. I can tell that you just had a great treat. They look amazing!

  24. This Stickhouse place looks great, i will certainly visit when i come to LA in the future. Thank you for sharing.

    sorry if I end up commenting twice…i don’t know if the first one went through!

  25. Santa Monica is such a fun place to visit! I’m adding this to my bucket list – so glad I found you on IG.

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