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Who Doesn’t love coffee?Being a coffee-holic, a cup of coffee is a must to begin a new day full of passion and inspiration. Recently I have Been to Carrera Cafe to Grab a Cup of Coffee and Totally fell in Love with it . And now this has become one of my Favorite Cafes in Los Angeles.



The Structure :

It is a cute little European style cafe, Very open and bright with white colored walls and has both Indoor and Outdoor seating.I found the cafe  super Clean and Shiny. If you want to study and have a sandwich, this place seems like a good study spot.They offer Complimentary WiFi as well to those who want to get some work done(Who doesn’t love free WiFi??).


As I peeked from the window  I saw a bunch of people posing for a picture and when I went out to see what’s there,OMG I surprisingly found a Coachella Mural which was stunning. Later I got to know that This has become a Famous wall in LA where people come just to take pictures.They often Repaint it with different Murals which makes it so Famous.HOW COOL ! ISN’T IT??

The Famous wall


Services :



I went in to order a Latte and found out that they can print any image onto your drink.WOW !!! They have a set of prints you can choose from for your drinks or you can upload whatever picture you want them to print on your Coffee.In order to get your image printed, all you have to do is download their free app “Coffee Ripples” and upload the picture you want.

I thought this might take time but surprisingly the Coffee was ready in lessthan a minute with an amazing art on it.  I have never seen a picture printed on coffee and that too so clean and perfect .


Latte Art

This place is not just hyped up with the latte art and Mural but also for their salads and sandwiches which were freshly good ,with a good portion of plate.


They also have a lot of small snacks and drinks you can buy on the shelves. Please don’t forget to check out their “cassettes” on shelves which are actually deliciously tasting imported chocolates.(I Loved their Packaging )



The Staff :

The Baristas were so Friendly and Patient, They explain each and every customer the process of downloading the app and uploading the picture with patience . I was there for 30 minutes and what I observed is they actually greet every single customer with a big smile . SO SWEET !!!

Parking :

There are tons of metered street parking on Melrose avenue but this is “LA” , You should be lucky enough to get one lol. I went on a weekday at around 9:30am and luckily got one which was 1$ for 2 hour parking.

Location :

It is Located at 8251 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046,

Links : 

Website : Carrera Cafe

Facebook : @Carreracafe

Instagram : @Carreracafe

Summary :

I would highly recommend this place to both locals and tourists. A perfect place for a coffee or to just sit and relax with some friends or cool photo opp! Please Don’t forget to check out their Beautiful website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

24 thoughts on “Carrera Cafe – It’s More Than a Cup of Coffee

  1. I gave up drinking coffe daily in 2015 when I was diagnose with a bleeding ulcer in my stomach. Now I’m recovered but I don’t drink that often, however I love the smell of coffee!! This place and (WOW printing whatever image on your latte!!) just blew my mind. I need a cappucino now, LOL

  2. Looks of this cafe gives a very positive and peaceful vibes… loved all the small details you mention and obviously you pictures speaks more

  3. neat cafe! i love the touch of fresh from the earth plants at table pieces. i like the variety they seem to have on their wall too so not just coffee…you can eat too!

  4. I love the ambiance of the place. So neat and clean, very spacious too. The “cassette” chocolates were such an original! I have to remember visiting the place when I visit LA sometime soon.

  5. What a cute place! And yes, since it’s LA, you might have better luck finding a parking spot on a side street and either walk or grab an Uber. That mural is amazing and I would LOVE to get one of those cassette chocolates!!

  6. What a cool looking place. I absolutely love that they can make any picture in your coffee. I sound like an old fogey, but “what will they think of next?” The chocolate cassette tapes are quirky, but seem to fit right in with the feel of the place.

  7. I will go out of my way for a good cup of coffee. And I’ll go even farther for a place that’s well lit and comfortable like this one. A good selection of food is a must for people who work all day in coffee shops.

  8. Having a customized print over your cup of coffee while much on a cassette tape chocolate bar and enjoying the ambiance of that trendy cafe. How cool is that? Would love to visit and experience this place the next time I’m in Los Angeles.

  9. That seriously looks like an incredible cafe! I love the high ceilings and its minimalist appeal. Plus that mural outside is fantastic- I can’t wait to see their next creation because they clearly know good street art! It’s also so cool that they can print latte art. I didn’t even know that was a thing. I will definitely be checking out this cafe when I’m in L.A. next! Thanks for sharing!

  10. The place looks really nice! And the idea of printing any images on the latte is just amazing!! The food looks good too! Is it not usual in the USA to have free wifi in coffee places? In Europe is quite common..

  11. The place is so cute. My favorite part is the painted mural. But the best part I guess is the personalized latte art. It’ll maybe make me think twice whether I’d like to drink the coffee or just stare at the art work. 🙂

  12. Fantastic looking cafe and i like how they’ve consistently used the black and white theme throughout the shop from the floor to the menu.

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