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3 Days in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is the second most populous city in United States.This “City of Angeles” is the center for nation’s Film & Television.It is also known for its mediterranean climate.There is so much to do in Los Angeles,it’s impossible to see everything in 3 days,but atleast you can see the must visit places in LA in 3days.

Disney Land :

Ticket :200$ for both the parks.

It is indeed the most happiest place on Earth.

There are two parks in Disney Land

  1. Disney Land theme park :

It is a theme park where you see lots of characters, parades,low risk slow rides and of course at the end the amazing Fire works

2. Disney Land Adventure park :

The name itself say it’s an adventure park with Thrill Rides all over the park,couple of parades and at the end the water show.

Both the parks need one full day each to see the whole park.The ticket price for the park vary according to the date.The price starts from 100$ for each park.

If i had to choose one then i would go to the theme park because am not a big fan of thrill rides 😛

2.Universal Studios:

Ticket :100$

Universal studios also has different rides & activities.Usually Universal studios is not as crowded as Disney land ,For me it took only 5 hours to see the entire park. The tickets were around 100$ per person.

3.Santa monica pier :

The Santa Monica pier is a “must do” when you visit LA.

It is a traditional seaside pier, with fairground style attractions, novelties and rides for the children.
The best time to visit here is during sunset.It is usually difficult to find parking during that period so i would recommend you to use a cab ,bus or a metro

4.Veince beach :


It is the most popular beach in LA.It is just like the stuff in movies,bicycles,palm trees,graffiti art,skate park,cruising,street artist,food,entertainment,volley ball nets,out-door gym, musicians,they have it all.From boardwalk to pier,you’re emerged in SoCal culture.

Tip:It is impossible to find a parking unless you come during sunrise,so cab or bus is a good option.

Hollywood walk of fame :

It is a tourists attraction which gets really crowded with lots of activities around you but it is worth to experience once.It feels awesome when you find your celebrity star,quickly take a picture and get along before the big crowd comes up behind you.


Griffith observatory:

Ticket : Free

This is one of the “Can’t miss” locations to visit.The view is breath-taking , Hollywood sign to right,beach to the front & LA downtown to left.Lots of exhibits inside the observatory.



Ticket :15$


LACMA is a great art Museum which is so large that you will definitely need multiple visits.Even if you are not an art lover,you will fall in love with the arts in the museum.It has such a massive collection of art that it was pretty hard for me to decide where to start from.

Overall i love this place and it is one the best museums i’ve been to.


Ticket : 30$

This is an old ship which is now a floating hotel.You can also come here as a visitor to explore the ship.Through out our visit the only thing was running in my mind “TITANC”. The decks are a beautiful and aged and the interior makes you feel as if you stepped into the past. Furniture, carpets, and fixtures are original, and walking down the corridors gave me an eerie feeling. There have been a few deaths on this ship, whether murder or suicide, and I always feel a stronger sense when around certain spots. They also have some exhibits which were historic.

It was an amazing experience,if you want to know how titanic would have looked like, then this is a must visit.


This 2miles street is an iconic and one of the most well known streets in the world.If you are a big fan of big brands & High end luxury cars then this is the right place for you.It is a perfect place to even stroll even just to window shop & dream.You can also bump into a celebrity if you are lucky enough.


There’s so much to do/see in LA,If you plan accordingly you can see all of the above Must visit places within 3-4days. Parking in LA is a big problm,either it’s over priced or a full lot.I would recommend travelling in a cab,bus or metro.

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  1. I love LA! Universal Studios was probably one of my favourite places to visit there. We got the VIP pass so we were able to skip all the lines. Costs a bit more but totally worth it!

  2. I would love to go to all of these places! universal sounds fabulous and the Queen Mary looks like a fun blast from the past. I would love to go to all of these places!

  3. I love LA, I took summer sessions is UCLA when I was in high school and completely fell in love with the city. The Queen Mary looks like such a great attraction site, I need to check it out next time I’m in LA.

  4. This is a great guide to visiting LA! We haven’t been there yet, but it’s definitely on the bucket list!

  5. I’d love to go to all these places–especially Disneyland. I haven’t been there in years!

  6. Wow! You did all that in 3 days? You must have been worn out! There sure is a ton of stuff to do out there. Must be nice that they have so much nice weather year round to be able to enjoy all the attractions, although a bit expensive! Thanks for the rundown!

  7. Sounds so nice and so much fun !! Yes you can do a lot in 3 days. Sounds like you had an awesome time.

  8. Wow you really packed in a lot of recommendations for a 3 day visit, thanks. Santa Monica Pier is a great place to visit. Its so fun.

  9. Oh all of these things sound like so much fun! I didn’t actually realize they were all in Los Angeles! We randomly get cheap flights advertised to there so we may need to do a trip!

  10. You covered a lot in 3 days. Rodeo drive would be a lot of fun to go to just to see the luxury cars there. LA is somewhere I’ve never been but I think I’ll go there in the future just to see all the famous sites.

  11. Everything is a must see! Especially Disney and Universal if you have kids with you! I miss traveling and I would love to go to LA soon!

  12. Everything in this list is a must see! Especially Disney and Universal if you have kids with you. I miss traveling! I would love to go see LA soon!

  13. I would absolutely love to visit L.A and the pics are sensational! It’s a bit too far for me but i guess you never know. Hope to see all these places you have seen

  14. I would love to visit LA some day! those are really good pics! Such a nice place

  15. I’m sure my kids would kiss me and hug me tight with big smiles if I’d bring them Disneyland. I myself want to visit the place.

  16. Those pics are amazing. Did you take all those pics?

  17. I love LA! All these places are so fun to spend 3 days in 🙂 lovely pictures too!

  18. I just love visiting LA!!! So much to do there!!!! I use to work in LA every once in awhile and would get so excited every time!!!

  19. I have always wanted to go to LA. The stunning photo’s that you have posted have given me more of a desire to do so. I would be interested in learning more about universal. I live in florida and have been to the universal here. I wonder how the two really compare.

  20. All of these are so beautiful. I would love to take a trip on a ship like that once in my life.

  21. LA is one of those cities that feel like a movie set because of all the above and much much more.

  22. How awesome is this list! It’s been my wish to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the longest time. I sure hope I get to go there soon!

  23. looks like you had a great time. Those are awesome pics. i love CA. last time we were there we did the warner brother’s studio tour. loved it.

  24. There are many beautiful places to visit in LA. You just need to bring big amount of money to enjoy it.

  25. I’ve only been to Disney once. I was 17 and I was bored out of my skull. But I would have LOVED to go to Universal Studios man… le sigh.

  26. It my dream to visit LA. It always look so much fun and beautiful! xxx

  27. Sounds like an expensive trip, but I’m glad everyone had a good time. I’ve been thinking of visiting the Universal Studios here in Florida.

  28. It’s been a long time since I was in LA. These pictures make me want to go again. Are these all your pictures – they are great!

  29. Amazing! I’ve never been to Los Angeles, your travel suggestions are so useful!

  30. The Santa Monica Pier is a must see! I have yet to go to Disneyland and really want to go!!


  31. I live in LA. There is so much to explore, even for me! I’d suggest Malibu as well!

  32. This is a great list of things to do in Cali. I would be very interested in seeing the Queen Mary.

  33. What a fab list of things to do – jotting them down in case that’s our next destination!
    Katja xxx

  34. Ooooh, love 🙂 A walk down memory lane! I was there last summer and it was such an amazing trip! X

  35. I’ve definitely always wanted to see the Santa Monica pier! The walk of fame and Rodeo Drive are also big draws for me – LA is definitely a must-see city!

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