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Las Vegas is famed for it’s vibrant Nightlife with 24 hour Casinos and other Entertainment.The Focal point of Vegas is it’s strip which is just 4 miles long with lots of Activities in it.Besides it’s Night Life and Casinos, there are many things Vegas will offer you and these are some of the things you should definitely see/do when you visit this place.


Starting with Luxor resort , It is a cool pyramid shaped hotel resort which i found very unique.You will find everything Egypt-themed in and around this place.I found the interior of this place very interesting as i have never been to Egypt before.



Excalibur :

Doesn’t this remind you of some Disney Land Resort??? Well It is a Castle Themed hotel/resort which looked beautiful both from outside & inside.We stayed at this hotel &  OMG It is HUGE.The walking distance from my room to the elevator is like forever lol . It is worth to stop by and click some pictures.


New York New York :

It is a little strip version of New York.It has New York themed streets with restaurants inside it,Brooklyn bridge and a roller coaster . It also has Famous New York pizza restaurant in it,if you had never tried NYC pizza then try it here,it’s Amazing!!

Bellagio :

Even if you are not staying in Bellagio,I think it is must visit for everyone.It is Rich from outside as well as inside.This place has a Conservatory and Botanical garden which changes throughout the year with different themes.It also has an Iconic Fountain show choreographed with music & Lights.(click here for more information on Bellagio)

Paris :

It is a french themed casino hotel with a half-size Eiffel tower in it. If your looking for a “Romantic Getaway & Las Vegas Excitement”?  Paris is the perfect place, beautiful views and architecture great restaurants a truly fun place to be make this your hotel. Be sure to ask for the “Red Room,” they have great color scheme trust me you will Love It!(click here for more information on Paris Hotel)


Caesars Palace:

IT’S HUGE..!! It is a  Roman-themed casino hotel with a lot of different statues both inside and outside the hotel. It’s quite beautiful and attractive palace.Stop by for the scenery if not the hotel. This place has tons of beautiful decorations throughout the hotel.”Don’t miss the aquarium and fall of Atlantis show if you are visiting here.”


High Roller :

High Roller is a 550-foot tall, 520-foot diameter giant Ferris wheel. It is currently the world’s tallest ferris wheel. I am scared of heights but this din’t bother me at all.You can see the whole city from the top. The cabin fits upto 25 people but you can also request a private one.

General admission Tickets before 5pm are 25$ per person and after 5pm are 37$ per person.

Venatian :

It is a Italian themed hotel casino with lots of shops , restaurants & artificial canals with gondola rides.Walking through the hotel really makes you feel like you’ve stepped into Rome.

Tickets for 4 for the gondola ride is 12$ per person.

Mirage :

I din’t check the hotel/casino inside but whie i was passing through this hotel, what i saw was a volcano show which was absolutely stunning.

The volcano show starts from 8pm-11pm for every half an hour.


Grand Bazar :

Grand bazar is a shopping area where you get to see the light show from 8pm- 10 pm for every 15minutes. It’s not the most exciting variety of shops, but worth a quick stroll through if you are passing by and watch the light show.

Stratosphere :

If you are in Vegas then it’s a must visit place.This is a classic casino hotel with a 1,149-foot observation tower. The 360 degree  views are amazing and there are plenty of ways for you to satisfy your inner daredevil. They also have some thrill rides on the top of the Tower which i found terrifying. OMG never in my life i can ever think about going on those rides NEVER EVER lol

Fremont Street :

This is what Old Vegas is about.It provides a different experience from the strip. And Everything is less expensive here.There are lots of things to do here from the casinos, restaurants,shops and much more. There are free concerts in the evening to late night. There are lots of street performers. They also have a zipline overhead which zips through the length of the street.The best time to visit Fremont street is during the night when they have the light show overhead that plays every hour for a few minutes. It is very entertaining especially with the music.


Summary :

All the above places (expect for the Stratosphere and Fremont street) are in a walking distance. Just park your car at one place and walk along the strip.The best thing is you can visit every hotel/casino just to look around, even if you are not staying at that place.

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  1. I’ve only been to Vegas once so far, and my absolute favorite part was just walking around through all the hotels/casinos and taking everything in! We stayed at the Luxor, and it was so neat looking!

  2. While all these places look fun, the place I want to visit most is the Venatian!! I would totally skip the Stratosphere! LOL Heights are NOT for me. I have never been to Vegas but my brother recently took his wife (from Lithuania) there. It was the perfect place for her to visit to see as much of the “USA” as possible in one stop.

  3. I never thought that Las Vegas has beautiful places like that. It is my desire to go there and see at least one on your list πŸ™‚

  4. Not gonna lie – might be planning a trip here REAL soon. Thanks so much for this article πŸ˜€ Beautiful website and pictures too.

  5. Oh man do I miss Vegas! When I lived in O.C. I used to go every four, five months! I would stay at the Excalibur or Luxor! This made me miss it. *planning Vegas trip* πŸ˜‰

  6. I literally JUST booked a flight for my brother in law who’s headed out to Vegas this week! (My hubs works for the airlines so our family flies at a discounted rate which is why I was the one booking him) lol I’m definitely going to share this post with him!

  7. Lovely choices for Vegas. These will definitely make the experience even better. This makes me want to go to Vegas for the weekend.

  8. I have never been to Vegas! I used to attend Paul Mitchell hair school. They have an event at the Ceasar’s Palace every year. I never got to go, but I still want to see this hotel. It’s on my list! Thank you for sharing this awesome post.


  9. It seems a lot of people are in Vegas right now. How come no one sent me an invite? lol. That stratosphere ride looks scary as hell… you’ll never get me on it, the rest of your ideas are cool.

  10. LAS VEGAS is the place to be! I went twice and stayed at two different hotels, The Venetian and Luxor. Both I loved so so much. Your pictures are making me want to book another flight πŸ™‚

  11. I can’t wait to go to Vegas! I was supposed to go this year but decided not to go. It looks like so much fun!

  12. I’ve never had that much interest in visiting Vegas before, because casinos and things like that just aren’t my thing. But this? The beautiful sculptures and architectural mimicry, the idea of seeing so much of the world all in one place, and the fact that it’s all on one street?? Yes!!!

  13. Oh, Las Vegas is definitely a bucket list place! I haven’t been, but I’ve always had a secret desire to get married by Elvis in Vegas for a wedding renewal of a sort! πŸ˜œπŸ˜„β€οΈ

  14. I’ve stayed at the Excalibur and you are right it is huge. The Venetian, Caesar’s and the Bellagio are definitely must-sees, they are all so beautiful. Freemont Street is fun to visit as well.

  15. Lovely list, and I agree with the Strip being one of the best places in Vegas. I tend to spend more time off the Strip now that I’ve been there a few times. And I have the added benefit of one of my friends having grew up in Vegas. I have an inside track on the less tourist-y stuff. Thanks so much for sharing. *Hugs*

  16. My husband and I got married in Vegas 12 years ago and I haven’t been back since. I would really love to go again, and I think we are going to try to go this summer.

  17. My spine tingled with the adrenaline rush when I saw the stratosphere! Luxor is beautiful. What fascinated me more was the Volcano show! It is amazing.

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