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Bellagio :

Bellagio is an Italian inspired 36 story tower fronted with an Iconic man made lake featuring water fountain choreographed with music & dance. Bellagio is one of the most iconic hotels on the strip that has been around for a long time and is still a popular destination.

Parking :

Parking was never a problem in Bellagio,Whether you stay in the hotel or to just visit.

Parking is free for 1 hour, after that 7$ for next 4 hours, and then 13$ for a whole day.

Things to see :

  • Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical garden
  • Fountains of Bellagio
  • Pools & Cabanas
  • fiori di como
  • Casino


Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Graden :

It is located right next to lobby and before Parking garage.The word Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe this wonderful well appointed & colorful gardens.It changes throughout the year with different themes.If you are a frequent visitor to vegas, you can expect different themes each time you come here.When i visitedย they have had a fall theme complete with a walkway through arches, a very lethargic-looking tree, enormous pumpkins (500+ pounds) and moving squirrels.Moreover this conservatory is free and family friendly and looks beautiful both at day & night.



Fountains of Bellagio :

The Fountains of bellagio are must see,these iconic founatins are choreographed with light & music.it’s definitely worth checking out either from outside the hotel, from the hotel terrace or from the window at one of the restaurants.I was absolutelyย obsessed with this fountain. Every single time we passed by i used to stop and watch the complete show.”24 caret magic” by Bruno mars was constantly playing in mind whenever i saw this fountain show lol.The show runs every 30 minutes during the day and every 15 minutes in the evening till midnight.I highly recommend seeing the fountain show during the day and then again during the night ,it’s a completely different experience each time and with each song.



Pools & Gardens:

Just like the interior,Bellagio pools & gardens have their own unique richness.The pools are also inspired by Italian architecture with a peaceful environment.


Fiori Di Como :

Fiori Di Como is a Colorful glass ceiling made of more than 2000 pieces. This master piece is hard to miss as you stand underneath it at the registration Lobby. It gives you a taste of how classy and upscale Bellagio is.

Casinos :

The Casinos of Bellagio is not just a casino but it’s also about the beautiful architecture. Even if you are not a casino player just walk in to see the beautiful Italian inspired architecture everywhere.


Bellagio continues to be a favorite of visitors and locals seeking an upscale experience.I would highly recommend visiting Bellagio even if you are not staying at this hotel.Despite not staying at the Bellagio, i think its my favorite hotel on the strip.Hopefully i would get to stay in my Next trip and get back with an updated blog.


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  1. I was there about eight years ago on vacation and after reading this blog post it makes me really want to plan another vacation there. The gardens were my favorite part of that hotel, it’s gorgeous!

  2. My goodness what a beautiful place. The decor alone is something to be in awe of. Never been last Vegas before but sin city sure looks good for a fun holiday.

  3. So fun to read this as I am heading to Vegas in a few weeks and the Bellagio is a big favorite of mine! Just gorgeous photos, and an amazing place to stay while in Vegas. xoxo Robin

  4. I’ve heard of the fountains at Bellagio and seen pictures of them, but I’ve not seen pictures of that ceiling in the entryway before. That is simply stunning! This really is a very gorgeous resort and I would love to see it someday.

  5. Wow, The Bellagio looks fantastic, I have never been to Vegas but sooooo would love to go one day! Looks like an awesome place! Thank you for sharing!

  6. The pools and the gardens look amazing. How about the food? I am such a foodie and I travel to tasted other people’s food and see the culture. All of this looks extremely amazing.

    1. I din’t try food & drinks as i don’t drink or eat meat. But, when i peeped into restaurants they looked lavish . I hope the food is also good ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Neither i drink nor gamble, at first i thought this place is not meant for people like me, But trust me there are hell lot of things to see & do which i will be posting in my up coming blogs. Please subscribe to get my blog notifications ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The post is stunning. I have been to the Las Vegas airport, but never in vegas. I think that I would like to go. After seeing your post I am wondering why I haven’t gone. Now, I have a destination. This place looks awesome!

  8. I think it’s amazing to be able to stay in such a luxurious hotel! I love everything about it, the fountains are a must see!

  9. Fiori Di Como is a Master piece. It is absolutely beautiful! The Bellagio looks more like a resort than a casino. Vegas is definitely on my bucket list.

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