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Weekend with kids/without kids

6 AM :

Without kids : It’s weekend and you won’t be getting up atleast for next five hours as you slept late previous night watching a movie/hanging out with friends.

With kids : No matter how much tired you are, It’s your kid’s waking time and even you have to wake up. else he  tries to sit on/near your face and you have to wake up with that lovely aroma of pee filled diaper(Kid’s strategy).

6:30 AM :

Without kids : You are still sleeping.

With kids : You changed the diaper, now you are trying to put him back to sleep and he starts doing flips on the bed and suddenly *BHOOM* ended up on the floor. Now you’re up.

7 AM :

Without Kids : You Change the temperature of your AC and back to sleep.

With Kids : Time for Breakfast . Even though he’s hungry he wants to listen to his favorite Rhymes/cartoons first. Now He starts eating his breakfast watching those Rhymes/cartoons and take hours to finish his food.

8 AM :

Without Kids : You are still asleep and dreaming of those high end clothes,cosmetics ,shoes which you saw the actress wearing in that movie previous night.

With kids : Now you have watched those Rhymes/cartoons more than 10 times ,But you have no other choice. You can only change the channel when your kid get’s bored of it, which they never do.

9 AM :

Without Kids : Now you see angels descending, kissing your forehead and telling you to sleep more .

With Kids :You try to eat your breakfast and suddenly you smell something Foul. YES, He pooped in his diaper. forget your breakfast and rush to clean & change the diaper.

9.30 AM :

Without Kids : Now the sun rays are not letting you sleep, you get out of the bed with your eyes closed, shut the curtains and get back to sleep.

With Kids : Now that you cleaned and changed his diaper , you don’t feel like eating your breakfast anymore.I don’t know why they always want to pee/poop only when they see you having your ME time or when you are Eating.

11 AM :

Without kids : You wake up check your phone which has more than  hundreds  msgs,notifications from all the social networking sites you follow and now you try to reply them laying on the bed/couch .

With kids : Your kid dozes off and now you feel like  pampering yourself  , you put on a face mask , try to switch on the TV to watch your favorite show and then BANNGGGGGGGG , the volume was on it’s peak because just before taking a nap your kid played with that remote and the volume has accidentally increased. Now he’s wide awake and starts crying . You try to pamper him but he’s still crying/screaming because you have a face mask on  and he’s terrified & doesn’t know who you are???

12 AM : 

Without kids : You just got fresh and text your friend to meet up for a brunch and from there you plan your day. Shopping->Movie->Concert->Party->Dinner !!!

With kids : You take your kids out to a park,or a play area in a mall where you are actually terrified because your kid is bored doing those slides instead, he wants to jump from there (or) ends up with a fight because he din’t like his toys and he want to play with other kid’s toys.

Summary :

When you have kids it’s not at all easy to handle them but yet you can’t live without them.

Let me know what do you think??Kids??or No kids??


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  1. This definitely sounds like every morning with my two! We’ve been up by 6 every morning for the last 5 years, usually being woken by someone singing at the top of their lungs 🙂 I love those crazy kids!

  2. Pretty much! I was just telling a daycare parent today how I used to come home from work and lay on my bed reading all night… Fond memories 😂

  3. Lol, this sounds like my routine with my 4 year old and my Lil 6 month baby. The Me time seems always out of reach but I am beginning to fall in love with their sweet barging in my life routine😊

  4. This had me laughing so hard to myself because it’s so true. This is every single second of life with my two kids, except for we have taken out the diapers and added in bickering sibling rivalry. Oh the joys.

    But somehow, I love them. I keep them. And every night when they’re sleeping, I smile down on them happily.

    I’m 100% sure this is why God made kids look almost ALWAYS unavoidably cute to their mothers. It helps them survive. *wink*

  5. Oh yes, this all sounds so familiar even though it has been many years. This is going to sound like a cliche, but enjoy these years because they go so fast! Before you know it, you will be able to go back to those without kids descriptions because they will be grown and no longer sitting near your face with their full diapers. You will miss it!

  6. Haha but you haven’t met me. I wish I was still sleeping too but sadly at 5 Am I have to get up before leaving my house at 6 am, not fun!

  7. This is true! I do have two kids. But at least they are older now and are nicer on weekends. My teenager can sleep until 11, I sleep until 9 and my daughter can entertain herself now!

  8. This is the most accurate thing that I have ever read. Especially the part when they doze off and the TV is all the way up. Like, why during their nap do the most loud things happen?

  9. Too funny, So glad to be a member of the latter team. lol.

  10. I have twins so it’s double the fun (and the effort) but it’s really worth it because I enjoy life with them around. It can be a little too much to handle at times because that’s just how parenting is.

  11. It’s a little crazy with kids around! They’re a handful and it’s never not messy. It’s really happier though and more joyful in the house! Especially when you don’t have work and get to spend time with the kids.

  12. I have two kids and this is so accurate! No matter how late I stay up, I can’t sleep in anyway!

  13. What’s funny is without kids I am still up kind of early. Usually around 7!!

  14. I love this lol. Now that I have 2, I never get a moment of peace! Sleeping in is a thing of the past as well.

  15. Hahahaha, this is so funny. Love this post! Well currently definitely the no-kids version for me. I like my sleep! X

  16. The weekend without kids is my entire life. Just add in travel here, travel there. Do whatever you want all day long. I couldn’t imagine living with kids. They would cramp my style so much.

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