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Shopping With Kids/Without Kids

Without Kids : Try couple of dresses & Scratch your head for an hour thinking what to wear.Do your hair and makeup for hoursss , Grab your phone,keys , handbag and get going.

With Kids : First dress your kids,give them some snacks to eat,go pick whichever dress you find in the first row.If there’s alot of  time ,then do your makeup and hair in 10minutes. Go check the diaper of your kids if it’s need a change.Grab your handbag,wait handbag????I mean Diaper bag in one hand,lift your  kid with other  and get going.

Without Kids : You make a note of things you need to buy in a paper before you leave the house.

With Kids : Never make this mistake of writing your list in a paper.You see your List ripped or eaten.

Without Kids : Get into the car, play some nice loud music of your choice,enjoy the drive, park the car , get out of the car, walk through the store.

With Kids : Strap your kids into a car seat,give some toys to play.Get into the car ,Play some music , i mean “RHYMES” so that your child sits calmly through out the drive.On arriving, park the car,unstrap your child,grab a shopping cart, place him in the cart and walk through the store.

Without Kids : You can walk anywhere and every corner of the mall.

With Kids : DO NOT !!! I repeat DO NOT walk infront of the toy stores.If you walk by accidentally , you are never coming back home . I don’t know why they purposely put the toy stores in the middle of the mall leaving us with no choice.

Without Kids : After 1 hour you are done with your shopping.

With Kids : It’s been 2 hours and you din’t buy a single thing which is on your list.

Without Kids : Wait in line for checkout,swipe your card and done.

With Kids : There’s always a big line and you have to wait for atleast 10-15 minutes and when it’s your turn to checkout ,either your kid wants to pee/poop or he runs outside the store.

Without Kids : Exit the door with some shopping bags in both your hands.walk calmly to the car,get in and back home.

With Kids : Your kids never wants to go back home with their empty hands, he say he wants “guii” and you don’t know what that means.He won’t explain and starts screaming guii guii louder and louder & You left with no other choice than to pick him up with one hand and shopping bags in your other hand.walk quickly towards car,strap your kids and back home.


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  1. This is funny, but so true. Kids always made it more complicated but so much more interesting too.

  2. haha!! I don’t have kids yet so this was fun to read! Thanks for your post!

  3. haha.. I don’t have kids yet so this was fun to read! Thanks for your post!

  4. I live alone so I always enjoy it when the grand kids go shopping with me. Then I end up regretting it because there’s always a catastrophe lol.

  5. Lol it is true . Don’t bother writing a list on paper because quite often you will find it has been eaten by the kids lol!

  6. Haha i dont have kids but this it sounds fun to go shopping with kids too 🙂

  7. Haha..this is funny yet interesting. I think I’ve heard all of these from my hubby when we’re talking about having a kid. Great post. 😀

  8. Oh man, this is true. I prefer shopping WITHOUT my kids when I can. My son isn’t so bad, but my daughter needs to look at all the toys, all her clothes, all the shoes…it takes forever.

  9. Sounds like you’ve definitely had your share of rough mom days! I’ve had mine too – today was one of them!

  10. omg! i feel you i have a daughter and i do experience these things. although if i bring her to the mall, a must is to stop over in a toy store before going home haha

  11. I don’t have kids. So I guess I do everything on the list that says without kids. This list would actually make parents life more easier and organized. Loved it. I love your theme for your blog.

  12. I can totally relate to this! I have twin girls and it’s never easy to shop unless I leave them at home.

  13. No kids for me, but I loveeeee grocery shopping and I know if I ever have kids, it will never be the same! LOL!

  14. This is pretty funny! Thanks for the laugh! I can definitely relate being home with 2 girls under 5 all the time!

  15. Shopping with kids is a struggle! Thankfully, I’ve trained my nieces to see shopping as mission. I give them important jobs to “save the city of Townsville.” Townsville needs this or that. What would a Power Puff do to save the day? They love it. We’re in and out of a store within 30 minutes.

  16. Oh yes, I remember those days very well! Shopping with my kids when they were young, especially when I had 4 aged 6 and under was a bit of a challenge. I always found that I needed to do it early in the morning when the stores were less crowded and they had just gotten up and were all in good moods!

  17. I feel like I hear my mom’s voice through this haha. There are definitely pros and cons for both 🙂


  18. This it’s hilarious and all so true.
    I don’t even bother trying to go grocery shopping any more.. I get it delivered!

  19. Great post both funny and interesting. I could relate to this a few years back when my son was little. Shopping with a kid is a big struggle but memorable at the same time.

  20. Sounds full on. Thank goodness for online shopping.

  21. Basically when you have kids, it’s so much more chaotic. Plus they get bored and tired easily so you can’t stay long and shop for more stuff.

  22. here is an idea, go shopping without kids. leave them at grandmas

  23. Yep so true! That’s why online shopping or shopping during the school day is a blessing!

  24. LOL it was so funny, I guess it is all about the preactice you get with the time, when my baby was just a few months I got crazy! but now that she is 15 months I just put her on her car and we have a lot fun together and she waits for me haha

  25. So maybe I’ll just stick with dogs… 🙂

  26. Oh yes, this brings back memories. 🙂 My children are grown but I have two dogs and a cat who act a lot like toddlers.

  27. So funny!
    I have no kids,I can only immagine what this means…without them sure shopping is more relaxing,but with them there’s would be also more fun!of course…with them more energy is needed:)!

  28. Haha this was a funny read! Kids almost make it that much more memorable and entertaining, don’t they?

  29. lol. This post made me laugh. I have not had the pleasure of shopping with children. I have avoided them at all costs while doing my own shopping though! I do feel bad for some of the parents I see shopping.

  30. I love my kids, but I can’t stand shopping with them! Sometimes they are great, but those times that they aren’t are awful lol

  31. Hahaha, you get your list eaten… that’s hilarious! I can imagine your shopping trip. Sounds like a hell of fun to watch from the outside.. not so much when being part of it and in a hurry.. but then, kids are so cute!

  32. I don’t have kids, but I baby sit a lot and I am tickled pink at how true this is!

  33. Been there, done that, lol! Can’t get much fruitful shopping done with kids in tow, but now I wouldn’t want it any other way either:) This crazy, roller-coaster life with kids is busy, cluttered, and so ..grrrrrr…wow….my lil wonderboy jus puked on me……can’t wait to read the next post

  34. It is completely amazing to me how a shopping experience at the exact same store, the same time, and with the same amount of money to spend can be totally two different adventures when you go alone vs. laden with kids. Shopping with kids is one of my least favorite chores. Thank God for Amazon.

  35. It is not easy shopping with children because they beg for things and run all over the place. Kids act up when there are people around.

  36. Haha right now my shopping is just without kids, which I love and in fact…if I ever have kids, I may just have to leave them with the rest of the family so I can shop in peace!

  37. I find shopping such an unpleasant experience as it is that I would never bring a small child with me to try and do it, lol! I used to time it for when I could leave the kids at home with my husband.

  38. HA! This is hilarious! I cannot, under any circumstance, walk passed the Lego isle in any store! I mean, sometimes I feel like he has some kind of antenna that allows him to find the smallest lego set in the darkest corner of the store. It amazes me at times.

  39. Well said…I agree with you..
    My kids are always looking around for Lego ..Cars..Batman toys..Grrr..

  40. Totally relatable! Oftentimes, I may decide to NOT do some errands or go some places with the kids because of a likely outcome that I would like to avoid…

  41. I can completely relate to this! When a mum is able to shop alone, she gets to do it at her own speed without the stress.

  42. While kids are smaller, you may be able to get away with passing by toy stores for awhile… I’ve gotten away with telling them it’s closed a few times when… it may not have been ;)!

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