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27 February 2017

I got a Package delivered to my apartment and i had no clue what’s inside. While i was walking back to my living room i was recollecting if i had ordered anything which needs to be delivered.

I opened the package and saw LENOVO, Yes!!! It was a Lenovo laptop and i was shocked and stunned to see that. I was like when did i ordered this? I re-checked the name on the package if it’s really mine , and YES it was my name & address written on the package.

I opened the box and found a small note which says “ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR WORK FROM HUBSY” . I was completely dumbstruck . It was from my Husband OMG !!!

Now you must be wondering what is a big deal in that?how did this makes you work more?? So let me tell you what happened few days back.

Previously I had a HP laptop which i was using from last 2 years.On the first day of my website launch , I was sitting on my couch and working on my laptop.after working couple of hours, I went into the kitchen to make some coffee and suddenly i heard *BHOOM* . what i saw is, my laptop was on the ground and my  1 year old son was stamping on it  by turning it’s screen backwards lol. I quickly ran and grabbed the laptop which was lying on the floor half dead and checked whether if it’s working and thankfully it was , PHEWWW!!!

I din’t want a new laptop but wanted this to get fixed ASAP. When i went for its service , they told me to leave the laptop and later come and collect it after 10 days. I was like WHAT?? What about my blogging??How will i work without a laptop?? I din’t took the chance and i came back home with my laptop and somehow managed working with it for a whole month.

                           It was hard working on this, the whole month lol

I thought Hubsy never noticed how hard it was for me working with a broken laptop but he proved me wrong by surprising me with this New Lappy YAYYY!!!

I believe Men are not as expressive  as Women,  and when they do something like this, that means alottt. This made me want to work moreeeeee. Now whenever i work on this laptop , it reminds me of  this day and motivates me to work even more harder.



45 thoughts on “This made me want to work more !!!

  1. Oh how sad! My laptop glitched and won’t turn on after a system update 3 days after launching so I understand that pain. What a great husband!

  2. That’s so awesome of your hubby! I had a HP that’s screen would fall and I had to prop it to use it. Soooo annoying. I’m glad he surprised you with anew laptop.

  3. New tools make the work better for sure! Did you ever go get the other one fixed anyway…as a back up?

  4. Oh wow. What a nice hubby you have. That’s an amazing gift. You’re very lucky to have his support. I’m lucky that way too. My husband has always supported all my crazy ideas. And today, those ideas support us financially. Good luck to you. You’ve got this.

  5. I always say, don;t buy me flowers, buy me running shoes, or a new lens for my camera or a book we heard about. Its nice to receive something you need that lasts long and helps you do something constructive.

  6. My hubby bought me a new computer for Christmas and I was like, must do all of the work. I was so excited about all of the things that I could potentially do with it!

  7. Great that you got a new laptop! I personally love my macbook and wouldn’t know what I would do if it ever broke haha! Glad you didn’t have to go without a laptop while the new one was on the way!


  8. How sweet of your husband to get a new lappy for you! It’s really supportive of him to do that especially since you’re just starting out with the whole blogging thing.

  9. I have to agree with you. My husband isn’t as expressive as well,which is why when he does do something nice I know it is well thought of. 🙂 Congrats for finding a good hubby. 🙂

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