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As most of the people say that Disneyland is the Happiest Place On Earth but is also an expensive one and can get even more expensive when you are inside the park. So here I bought some of Disney’s best-kept secrets which includes some of the free things to do at both the Theme Parks of Disneyland California. Of course all rides and shows in the parks are Free, but there are some other freebies which most of the guests are not aware of.

I hope the following freebies will help thousands of families to get the most out of every visit to Disneyland California.

1. Disneyland Planning Video : Disney offers a free planning video that provides a helpful overview of the theme parks, hotels, and Downtown Disney shopping district. So make sure you order one before your visit. This video is extremely helpful in planning your trip.

2. Downtown Disney District :  Don’t have tickets to Disney’s theme parks?? No problem , you can still enjoy little magic without emptying your wallet at Downtown Disney and I will definitely suggest you to visit this place for sure as it is a shopping and entertainment district, which is located outside both the theme parks . They always have live performances scattered throughout the strip and it is so fun to just watch or Dance to the music. You can also watch Fireworks at night. Tip : Parking here is expensive but you can validate it by spending 20$ or more at one of their restaurants (don’t forget to ask for a validation Stamp on your Ticket)

Downtown Disney

3. Free buttons : I Love these Buttons as they also make a Great souvenirs. Any one can get a button & It does not have to be a special occasion. They have several different ones , First Visit buttons – If you are visiting it for the first time , Just married buttons – if you are honey mooning at Disneyland. My Favorites are Birthday or Anniversary buttons , as every cast member wish you happy birthday/Anniversary every time they notice your badge,it actually makes me feel pretty Happy. If none of the above doesn’t fit, you can get I’m Celebrating button and fill it in whatever you want !

4. Maps & Apps : Maps are available for all park guests in various languages as soon as you enter the park. There’s also a Disneyland App which you can download it for free. This app actually helps you in Navigating your way around the park and see the wait time of every attraction which definitely helps you in not wasting your time in those long waiting lines.

5. Balloon replacement : Did your beautiful character Balloon got popped?? Don’t worry, just take the remnants of the balloon with you to any Disneyland Balloon Cast Member. They will replace your balloon for FREE.

6. Autographs and Photographs : A day before visiting Disneyland, I have been to Hollywood Walk of Fame and ripped my wallet just to take pictures with the characters and so I loaded my wallet with lots of bills thinking I need to pay in the Disneyland Too. But thankfully they are FREE . You can take as many pictures as you want with all the characters with your Camera/Phone. You can also get their autographs which makes a great souvenirs for kids.

7. Fastpasses : In all other theme parks you need to pay some extra $$ to get a fastpass,But Disney provides FASTPASSES for FREE. Yes, with the help of these Fastpasses, you reserve a spot in line, and they tell you when to comeback in order to skip long waiting lines.

8. Dinning :  If you want to avoid purchasing the kid’s meal then consider eating at any buffet restaurant or Disneyland character dining at the Disneyland Resort . It’s is free for anyone below three years of age.

9. Free Dessert on your Birthday : Disney will help you celebrate your birthday with a free dessert after your meal at every table service restaurant. Just mention that you are celebrating a birthday when you make the reservations via Disney Dining.

10. Free snacks : There’s a Boudin Factory tour where you can actually see the bread getting baked as you walk through. Here they give each guest a free piece of sourdough bread.

There’s also a Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop, where they give you a free sample of chocolate to taste.These are so delicious that am sure you will end up buying few lol.

11. Complimentary Water : No, not the Fountain or Tap water,  counter service restaurants will give you a free cup of water (Chilled or hot).


12. Hotel/Resort Tour : Not staying at any of Disney’s Resort or Hotel? No problem you can still go and take a complimentary tour which will definitely becomes a memorable one . You can also bump into some characters while strolling around the lobby.

13. Wake up Call  : Guests of Disneyland Resort hotels can request a free wake up call from any Disney character on their hotel phone.

14. Disney’s Stationary: The desks in Disneyland Hotel/Resort rooms are stocked with Disneyland stationery, envelopes, and postcards. If you are not using them, just pack them up for home!

15. First Aid : The First Aid stations in both theme parks provide free over the counter medication and cool dry storage of medical devices such as breast pumps.

Do you know any that I should add to this list? Let me know in the comment section below !!

I will be travelling to Orlando Next Saturday (9/23/2017) and am really excited to share this news that I will be staying at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort for a week . WOO HOOO !!!! This is the first time am travelling to Orlando and I will be sharing few pictures related to Disney on my Instagram everyday during my Stay. So please make sure you follow me on Instagram.




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  1. Such a helpful post. Everything about Disney is expensive but it sure is the happiest place on Earth. We are planning a trip to Orlando for Disney World and I’m.totally going to bookmark this. 🙂

  2. As a Californian I have been enjoying Disneyland since I was a little girl. It’s a fabulous experience but very expensive too. I love your tips for free things to do within the park. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. It was my childhood dream to visit Disney land. I am 35 years old now and have still not visited. Just when I thought I had out grown the desire to experience Disney land, your blog makes it appealing to me again.

  4. It’s been a while since I last went to Disneyland so it’s good to know there’s many free things to do. I like the fastpasses and the buttons, great perks! Also a very good tip about eating at their restaurants to validate the parking, I’m sure this can get expensive.

  5. I had no Idea they will replace a popped ballon for free! I wonder if Disney world does this too as I am in Florida. I will have to keep these great tips in mind next time I am at Disney!

  6. This seems like a lovely place and you have made it simpler by letting us know what are the key things to do when in Disneyland. We all love to save money and thanks for this article !!! We were wanting to visit Disney land , hopefully soon !!!

  7. I went to Disneyland Paris but knowing about these 15 free disney things. Oh I missed many of them Like Disney buttons and Disney Planning videos. Also treat on birthday must be so nice. Collecting free stationery is also good option for kids as they would save them as souvenir. I guess all Disneyland are not same as in Paris there was extra money for Fastpasses which was super-expensive. Thanks for the tips and I must visit this Disneyland as many things are free here.

  8. Disneyland is definitely expensive, so it’s always great to have free options! I’m definitely going to have to remember this list when we take our boys!

  9. Can you believe I haven’t yet been to Disneyland? I am so unfamiliar with the parks that I don’t know what you pay for and what you don’t. Your guide is really good though as I can imagine you have to pay for most things, besides the ticket. It’s nice that you can get some free snacks and water.

  10. Ooh I love anything free! It always puts the cherry on the icing on the cake for me. The birthday dessert and the free replacement balloon are very sweet touches and could really make or break a holiday especially for kids. Out of interest what is a button? Is it the same as a badge in the UK?

  11. I didn’t know some of those! It really is expensive to visit, but it is still the happiest place on earth and my kids would love to experience going there.

  12. The last time I went to disney land I was about 4 or 5.. I can’t remember, so i neeeeed to go again, and I love free things. This post is great. I always want to know where the best free things are!

  13. I just thought that I could never have a chance to go to a foreign country, let alone visiting Disneyland. But now I’m fighting for my dream. I hope that one day when I fulfill it, I could remember all the free things you now recommend, in order to enjoy Disneyland to the fullest. Thanks a lot.

  14. I’ve always wanted to go to Disneyland! This would be a dream experience, but I’ve always been taken aback by the expensive cost. But thankfully, you have provided a good list of free attractions and activities to enjoy!

  15. This would have helped us so much on our recent trip. It’s nice to do something that doesn’t cost extra when going there!

  16. Thanks for putting Disney in reach of more families. I know that some families avoid doing this because the costs over the ticket price stops them from doing so. The activities you have listed make a trip to Disneyland more accessible.

  17. These are some useful tips for free things at Disney. I was looking at 7 day passes for my daughter, her mother and me and the price is over $1000. It’s good to know it’s possible to stop these costs rising and rising!

  18. I had the impression of Disneyland as an expensive trip and never could I expect that I might have something free or economic there 😉 I loved the dining one though sad that I can’t avail it. Loved your post to the core!!

  19. I have never been to Disneyland or even the USA for that matter. I have always heard that it is extremely expensive to go but you have mentioned some really great tips on saving a few dollars here and there. I have always been a fan of Disney movies, I will make sure one day I am able to check that off my bucket list!

  20. Ok, now I’m jealous of all the under-3-year-olds who get to eat for free at the (what I imagine to be an incredible) buffet! I hope someday I’ll get to go to disneyland and benefit from all the free stuff availble for visitors!

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