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This made me want to work more !!!

27 February 2017 I got a Package delivered to my apartment and i had no clue what’s inside. While i was walking back to my living room i was recollecting if i had ordered anything which needs to be delivered. I opened the package and saw LENOVO, Yes!!! It was a Lenovo laptop and i was shocked and stunned to see that. I was like when did i ordered this? […]

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Shopping With Kids/Without Kids

Without Kids : Try couple of dresses & Scratch your head for an hour thinking what to wear.Do your hair and makeup for hoursss , Grab your phone,keys , handbag and get going. With Kids : First dress your kids,give them some snacks to eat,go pick whichever dress you find in the first row.If there’s alot of  time ,then do your makeup and hair in 10minutes. Go check the diaper […]

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Weekend with kids/without kids

6 AM : Without kids : It’s weekend and you won’t be getting up atleast for next five hours as you slept late previous night watching a movie/hanging out with friends. With kids : No matter how much tired you are, It’s your kid’s waking time and even you have to wake up. else he  tries to sit on/near your face and you have to wake up with that lovely […]

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