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As you all know Pinterest plays a very major role in boosting Traffic on your website.As a blogger, your goal is to increase blog traffic and the best way of doing that, especially if you are a new blogger is by using Pinterest.  So I made a great list of  70 Pinterest Group boards where you can pin your Blogs and gain a huge amount of traffic to your website.

35 Pinterest Groups Where you can post all kinds of Blogs :

  1. ~Promote Your Blog~
  2. | Mom | Foodie | Lifestyle | Blogs |
  3. Blogging Buddies
  4. Bloggers on Pinterest
  5. These Gold Bloggers
  6. Bloggers Post Share
  7. Fun & Thames Connection
  8. Everything but Blog
  9. Bloggers Unite
  10. ***Bloggers ‘Post it’ Board***
  11. Women + Blogs
  12. All the Blogs
  13. Hardworking Blogger Moms
  14. Promote Your Blog
  15. Pin All the Things
  16. Best Blogs of Pinterest
  17. Blog-Woo Babes Group Board
  18. POST YOUR BLOG! Bloggers promote here
  19. Coffee-Loving Bloggers
  20. Top Blogs – Pinterest Viral Boards
  21. Blog Community most Repinned
  22. [Creativity] Blogs with Brains and Heart
  23. Female Bloggers Free for All
  24. Mostly Blogging Group Board
  25. ✿ Pin Your Best Pins ✿
  26. Bloggers gonna Blog
  27. Share the Blog Love
  29. Blogger Connection Group
  30. Blogger’s Best
  31. #BossMoms
  32. Bloggers Portal- No posting limit
  33. Pinlikecrazy
  34. ~Mom Blogger Roundup~
  35. Post Your Blogs – Bloggers Promote here



7 Pinterest Boards in Food Category : 

  1. Only the Yummiest Recipes
  2. Best Dessert Recipes on Pinterest
  3. Food Bloggers Group board
  4. Food Hacks – Group Board
  5. Recipes Group Board
  6. Favorite <3 Blogger Recipes Group Board
  7. Quick Easy Dinners

Mom/Parenting Category :

  1. A Heart of Motherhood
  2. Moms Helping Moms Group Board
  3. ••Mommy Lifestyle Group Board••
  4. Mom Blogs to Follow
  5. !!Mummy Bloggers Posts!!
  6. The Parent Section

Others :

  1. Crazy Travel Adventures
  2. College Tips 
  3. Cat Lovers Group Board
  4. Blogging Tips
  5. All About Blogging Group Board
  6. Blogging Pros Group board
  7. Blogging From Bloggers
  8. Style & Beauty Bloggers
  9. Beauty & Style Blogs Group board
  10. // Surviving Twenty-Something //
  11. Organization Ideas for Home
  12. Organize Me Group Board
  13. Best of – Tips & Tricks
  14. Social Media Tips
  15. Money Savings Mom
  16. The Millennial Generation
  17. Lifestyle Blog Posts
  18. Mental health group Board
  19. Millennial Bloggers Collective
  20. **Lifestyle Bloggers Group Board**
  21. Hair styles, hair cuts & How to’s
  22. Home Inspiration


There are alot more pinterest group boards and I use to find it very difficult to pin my Blogs on each and every Board . Then I got to know about Tailwind , Trust me it made my work so easy.From the day I have started using Tailwind , I only spend 15 mins in a week on pinterest . Just schedule your pins and forget,Tailwind does the rest.

Tailwind is amazing and right now if you sign up you can do a FREE trial for 1 month and get $15 off if you decide to sign up for the PRO version. Check them out HERE!

70 thoughts on “70 Pinterest Boards to Boost your Website Traffic

  1. This is a awesome list that you are sharing! It is nice to know some of the groups that will help you learn and boost your Pinterest. I will have to start going through some of these tonight!

  2. I’ve nevertheless thought of using group board for this purpose. What a great idea! I’ve tried out tailwind but considering I already pay for pot suite I don’t think I can justify the costs for Tailwind too :/

  3. Pinterest is a great way to get more traffic to your site. It’s good to know which groups can really help you with your pinterest traffic and following!

  4. This post is so helpful! I absolutely appreciate the fact that you have broken them down by category. Fantastic list! Thank you for posting this 🙂 Pinterest is my all time favorite search engine. I am on it several times a day.

  5. This list is good to know! I don’t really get into Pinterest that much, I know I should, I will bookmark your page for when I am ready to work on this!

  6. I can’t wait wait to look at each group more closely. I love looking at how people arrange their Pinterest boards.

  7. OMGoodness girlfriend! I have been putting off getting the pinterest part of my blog going because I had no idea how that world worked. I just go to pinterest for fun! I am so thankful for this mini-class on how to promote! Thanks so much! Subscribing!

  8. I am definitely bookmarking this list for future reference. Right now I am just trying to get the handle of instagram and twitter but Pinterest is on my mind and so I will be looking here soon.

  9. Group boards are really where it’s at. Thank you for sharing the group boards you have found helpful. I will check out the ones that are in my niche.

  10. Thank you so much for your generosity to compile these list in your post. I am so grateful and thankful. I need to learn more about Pinterest. I heard so much about how Pinterest can really boost your traffic.

  11. darling bless you <3 I've been trying to tackle pinterest for so long and just feel so lost , this helps a lot I'm taking these references towards growth thank you <3 thank you < thank you <3 xoxo

  12. Thank you for this list, I’ve been trying to use Pinterest to my advantage and seem to keep failing ,this is really gonna help me grow my traffic ,you are brilliant thank you thank you thank you

  13. What a great resource. My main traffic is from Pinterest and I am a member of quite a few of these boards, will be checking out some of the others. Pinning this too 🙂

    Kerry May

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