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Here comes an end to my 2nd month of Blogging which means it’s time to check my progress. I am really very excited about my progress that I want to share.I guess It is good to check in with yourself every once in a while.

The first month of my Blogging was really historic for me lol. As i din’t expect the results to be so good.And now the 2nd month was far better than the First month.Last month i posted 17 Blogs and Now in this month I posted only 15 Blogs.

My goal was to get atleast 10,000 views per month . I got Morethan 6000 views in my first month and Now even though my Facebook Account got locked for two days, I still manage to Cross 10,000 ….Yayyyy !!! In total i have 16,224 Views with 5,973 Unique Visitors.

Views From all over the world


Views from Social Networking Sites

Followers Report :

This month I focused more on Facebook and Pinterest and am happy with the results.

1st Month                                                              2nd Month

Facebook – 141                                                          Facebook – 352

Pinterest – 85                                                            Pinterest – 220

News letter Subscribers – 23                                News letter subscribers – 29

Google Plus  – 0                                                       Google Plus – 8

Flipboard -41                                                             Filpboard – 50

Bloglovin’ – 50                                                             Bloglovin’ – 50

Stumbleupon – 0                                                     Stumbleupon – 0

Achievements : 

  1. I kept receiving  Free gifts & Goodies , (I have done reviews on some of them,some i din’t).
  2. Admission to some High end stores,(Just because i told them am a Blogger).
  3. My first income in 3digits $$$. which is really a good start.
  4. Got some Paid Opportunities , Which are not yet finalized.
  5. I was offered a Liebster Award , But i thought it was of no use and i denied the offer. HOW FOOLISH . Now that I knew the importance of these awards, I regret.
  6. Submitted my Blogs as Guest posts on professional websites.
  7. And finally , EazyNazy was nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award.

The only Thing i did to gain such huge numbers is to follow the same Rules which I created last month . It has been an amazing journey so far & I would like to thank every single follower/Viewer for making this possible. It has been a pleasure meeting you all & I am excited to continue to get to know you all through your writing. You all are truly appreciated.



21 thoughts on “10k Views in the 2nd month of Blogging

  1. Wow! Congratulations to your achievements, girl! I’m so surprised, you’re new in blogging like me. I’m so inspired. More power to your blogging biz. You’re on the right track! 😀

    1. When you get nominated for an award , you will get a chance to nominate other 10 websites and eventually you get back links from other websites. More the back links , the more chance of ranking in google 🙂

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